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Tournament Sanctioning

Welcome to the USA Ultimate Tournament Sanctioning program! The purpose of this program is to provide benefits for tournament organizers while also ensuring a quality standard for tournaments at which USA Ultimate members can participate. By completing a simple list of requirements, tournament organizers can receive all of the benefits of the program! 

The tournament sanctioning program can provide the benefits of insurance coverage, tournament calendar listing, and so much more to the following types of ultimate-related tournaments:

  • Non Regular Season Tournaments
  • College Regular Season Tournaments
  • Club Regular Season Tournaments


Leagues must go through the USA Ultimate League Sanctioning program for insurance coverage.

Other events (hat tournaments, practices/tryouts, camps/clinics, pick-up games) must go through the USA Ultimate Insurance Program for insurance coverage.



There are many purposes and benefits for utilizing the tournament sanctioning program including insurance coverage, tournament calendar listing, and so much more. You can see a full list of benefits here.


In order to receive the benefits of the tournament sanctioning program, certain requirements must be met. The most important requirements to understand relate to rostering all participants, purchasing full or event memberships for all participants, and collecting waivers from all participants. For the complete list of requirements and details about how to complete the program, check out this page. There are also additional requirements for tournaments that are to be included in the college regular season and the club regular season.

How to Apply

Once you feel that the tournament sanctioning program is right for your tournament, please review the application process and apply for sanctioning on the How to Apply page.  


If you are a current organizer for a USA Ultimate Tournament Sanctioning event, check out this page for more details on instructions to manage your event.

Please contact sanctioning@usaultimate.org with any questions or to work on getting your tournament sanctioned today. Or you can always check out the frequently asked questions section to help with some of the common tournament sanctioning program inquiries.



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