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USA Ultimate Membership


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Welcome to the home of USA Ultimate Membership! USA Ultimate depends on the support and participation of this amazing membership community. As a member, you not only support the efforts of the organization and help the sport grow, but you also receive a host of exclusive benefits, along with the great sport of ultimate. Whether you are looking to play, watch, volunteer, coach or just support the growth of the sport, there is a membership level designed for you. These pages have great information about what it means to be a USA Ultimate member, and you can always contact us with questions at membership@usaultimate.org.

Make a difference and become a part of something special today!

"Being a member really encompasses everything about playing ultimate itself." 


"Being a member of USA Ultimate is important to me because it makes me feel connected to other players all over the country!"

Recognize all of the great benefits that come with USA Ultimate memberships:

  • Play ultimate! Play ultimate! Play ultimate!
  • Help grow the sport of ultimate from youth to grand masters
  • Stay in touch with the quarterly USA Ultimate magazine
  • Exclusive discounts with USA Ultimate partners
  • Impact the sport by voting in USA Ultimate elections

"I fell in love with Ultimate right away, and I am proud to be a member of USA Ultimate because it means I am helping others discover this awesome sport!"

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