US Open Convention (2012)

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U.S. Open Convention (2012)

The USA Ultimate organizer's convention was held as part of the U.S. Open Championships.  In addition to the competition, the U.S. Open Convention welcomed Ultimate enthusiasts from around the world for an unparalleled opportunity to learn from, and interact with, the industry's best and brightest on a variety of topics.  

July 5-7, 2012
Colorado Springs, CO


Engaging, interactive and insightful, the U.S. Open convention serves as a networking and an educational opportunity for various administrators of the sport.  Who should attend?

  • Ultimate association representatives
  • national federation leaders
  • team, event, league and tournament organizers
  • team coaches
  • athletes
  • USA Ultimate coordinators


Convention Session Schedule

Sessions took place throughout the mornings so that participants can enjoy all of the other activities taking place over the weekend. 

Presenter Bios

Wednesday, July 4  
Afternoon TBD Olympic Training Center VIP Tour  
Evening TBD Welcome Reception  
Thursday, July 5  
8:00-8:15 am Welcome and Overview  
8:15-9:30 am The Future: An Exciting Strategic Plan
Dr. Tom Crawford, CEO, USA Ultimate
Mike Payne, President, Board of Directors, USA Ultimate  
Gwen Ambler, Vice President, Board of Directors, USA Ultimate
  Join USA Ultimate’s leaders for a quick peek at and discussion of the final draft of the organizations’ strategic plan before final review, adjustments and approval by the Board of Directors. Under development for the past year with lots of help from the community, this session will be interactive and informative, with a look at the research behind the plan as well as top priorities for the organization going forward.  Be a voice in the final draft of this roadmap for USA Ultimate and our sport’s future!    
8:00-10:00 pm Colorado Premier of "Chasing Sarasota"  
Friday, July 6  
7:30-10:30 am Presentation and Demonstration: Maximizing Athletic Potential
Tim Morrill, Morrill Performance
Boyd Epley, M.Ed., CSCS*D, FNSCA, RSCC, *E, Founder National Strength and Conditioning Association
Scott Caulfield, CSCS, *D, RSCC, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach/Performance Center Manager at NSCA
  7:30am  Welcome to the National Strength and Conditioning Association Headquarters
8:00am   SMR, Flexibility, Mobility and Warm Ups
8:30am   Strength and Power Training for Athletes
9:15am   Introduction to Speed, Agility, and Plyometrics
10:00am Coaches Roundtable and Q & A
8:00-9:00 am Presentation: Marketing Ultimate in the U.S.: Breaking Out....or Selling Out?
Matt Farrell, Chief Marketing Officer, USA Swimming
Greg Downey, President, Saratoga Road LLC
  The sports landscape is more crowded today than at any time in history.  How can Ultimate break out and get the kind of recognition and growth trajectory our community craves?  Come listen to two of the leading sports marketing and television experts in the United States discuss where Ultimate sits today, and how we have to compete in the busy landscape of sports.  Topics will include:
  • Are we ready for Prime Time?
  • Corporate support:  Good for growth or selling out?
  • Television exposure:  What are the needs and expectations?
  • Sponsors:  What they want and what they don’t want. 
8:00-9:00 am

Presentation and Workshop: All Girl Everything Ultimate Program: Youth Leadership in a Community Context
Hana Kawai, Seattle Riot; AGE UP Leadership Staff
Leah Fury, University of Washington Element; AGE UP Leadership Staff
Soriya Ton, University of Washington; AGE UP Youth Facilitator
Amanda Somvilay, Franklin High School, AGE
 UP Youth Facilitator
Susan Garcia, Franklin High School, AGE
 UP Youth Facilitator

  All Girl Everything Ultimate Program (AGE UP) empowers young women to develop positive identity, build personal and collective strength, and promote justice, using youth-driven program implementation to foster authentic leadership.  Operating out of South Seattle, AGE UP brings girls together across diverse economic, social and cultural backgrounds through the sport and community of Ultimate Frisbee.  Workshop attendees will learn about AGE UP's goals and structure, youth leadership strategies and objectives, and reflect on the development of youth leadership in their own communities.  
9:15-10:15 am Panel discussion: League Development Across the Ages
Dr. Heather Ann Brauer, Triangle Youth Ultimate League Board
Arnoush Javaherian, Head Coach Neuqua Valley High School Ultimate Club, Executive Director Chicago Ultimate Training, LLC
David Ellsworth, League and YCC Coordinator for Denver and Boulder Youth Ultimate
  Heather Ann, Arnoush "Java" and David "Buzz" are three experienced league organizers and coaches who have developed different and successful youth models in their respective communities. All three will present their pitfalls and successes in an interactive panel, discussing how to develop age-appropriate playing opportunities for kids, from elementary to high school. Take back a snapshot of highly successful youth structures to foster your community’s youth development.  
8:30-9:30 pm Presentation: Then and Now: A Look Back 
Matthew Bourland, Manager - New Media, USA Ultimate
Brian Murphy, Hall of Fame Class of 2007
  To close out the U.S. Open Convention, we will take a trip through the USA Ultimate video archives, including footage back as early as the 1980 UPA Championships.  Following that presentation, get some historical perspective from Hall of Famer Brian Murphy, as he talks about the past, the present, and look towards the future.  
Saturday, July 7  
8:00-9:00 am Panel discussion: Building a Successful and Enduring Team / Program
Gwen Ambler, Vice President, Board of Directors, USA Ultimate
Mike Payne, President, Board of Directors, USA Ultimate
Steve Dugan
  Gwen, Steve, and Mike have each helped their teams win championships as both players and coaches. Together they have won more than a dozen national and world championships while also earning the respect of their teammates and opponents throughout their careers.  Join this powerhouse panel for a discussion of the elements of building a winning and enduring program for team success.  Using lessons learned from helping to build  Revolver, Condors, Fury, Riot, Stanford and UC Santa Barbara, this esteemed panel will discuss the secret  and not-so-secret ingredients to high level and enduring success.  
9:15-10:15 am Panel discussion: Building an Athlete Development Pipeline: An International Perspective
Dr. Tom CrawfordChief Executive Officer, USA Ultimate
Danny Saunders, Executive Director, Ultimate Canada
Andres Angel, Colombia
  Discuss with this panel of leaders from around the globe all of the variables involved, nationally and locally, to build a robust series of successful experiences for Ultimate athletes and families.  As more and more young athletes join the sport, having a well-structured and easily understood set of experiences for them requires both national and local coordination.  At the end of the day, youth sports happen locally, and this panel will be both informative and will be hoping for help from you figuring out the best models for fun and success!   




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