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Tournament Sanctioning FAQs

Here are the answers to some of our most common questions about event sanctioning through the USA Ultimate Tournament Sanctioning program. 

What type of events does the USA Ultimate Tournament Sanctioning program cover?

The tournament sanctioning program provides benefits to all types of ultimate tournaments, from highly competitive to recreationally structured events. This includes College Regular and Club Regular Season, and recreation tournaments.

Other events (hat tournaments, practices/tryouts, camps/clinics, pick-up games) must go through the USA Ultimate Insurance Program for insurance coverage.

Leagues must go through the USA Ultimate League Sanctioning 

Affiliates please apply through the Affiliate Event Registration

What are the steps that I must take in order to utilize the USA Ultimate Tournament Sanctioning program?

First, make sure that you are familiar with all of the benefits and requirements of the program (including specific requirements for the college regular season and club regular season).

Second, confirm that you are a current member with a current waiver. 

Third, confirm that you have a current Tournament Director Certification and if not please apply for and complete the clinic as soon as possible. 

Once you have met these requirements please follow the steps outlined on the application page to submit your application and applicable fees. After these materials have been submitted, the tournament sanctioning program manager will contact you regarding the status of your application and any further instructions.

Are there help documents? 

Yes, please go to the Help Documents page for links to helpful instructions. 

Do I need to request insurance certificates?

As part of the benefits of the tournament sanctioning program, all listed organizers and rostered participants are automatically covered by the insurance coverage through the USA Ultimate general liability policy. You only need to request insurance certificates when proof of insurance is required (i.e., field site needs proof of insurance to accept a field reservation). 

What are the club regular season player eligibility regulations in regards to multiple teams?

Once a player has participated with a team at a sanctioned regular season event, they are not eligible to return to that team after they have participated in a regular season event with another team in the Men's, Mixed, or Women's divisions. For example, if John plays with Team A at a club regular season event in early July then plays with Team B at a club regular season event in late July, John is no longer eligible to play with team A. "Participation" for the purposes of this rule is defined as a player playing at an event or a player being included on a team’s event roster for an event. 

Do I need a full membership to participate in a regular season event? 

Yes, every player participating in a club or college regular season event must have a full membership and current waiver. You may only pay event fees for a recreation event. The only exception to this rule is if you are an international team (Canada is not considered international) then you are allowed to pay an event membership.

What are the important deadlines for a team manager to know when registering for a Regular Season Tournament?  

·   Team Registration Deadline: Monday at 5 PM MT prior to the event. 

·   Player Roster Deadline: Wednesday at 5 PM MT prior to the event. 

What's the difference between my Team Personnel list and the Event Roster? 

Your Team Personnel list (team roster) hosts all members of your team. You create an event roster from the pool of players from your Team Personnel list for each event your team is attending. Since you may have different players attending different events you need to create a unique roster for each event. As a team manager, after registering for an event, you need to roster your team by moving over players from the personnel list to the event roster on your team manager account. Directions can be found here.

Your Team Personnel list is separate from your Event Roster.  Your Event Roster is a subset of your Team Roster -- players who no longer play with your team can stay on your Team Roster without consequence.


Please contact info@hq.usaultimate.org with any further questions and we'll be happy to help you.