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Sanctioned Event Registration Management

The following tools and resources are to help organizers manage the registration for sanctioned events. The event organizer is responsible for making sure all rosters, waivers, and payments are collected BEFORE teams/players are allowed to play. Organizers and participants should contact sanctioning@usaultimate.org with questions. 

Online Rostering System
  • The primary organizer of an event has access to view the online rosters via a separate admin account accessed here.  Contact leagues@usaultimate.org (if you are running a league) or sanctioning@usaultimate.org (if you are running a tournament) with any questions about your admin account. Once the event is approved for sanctioning, the organizer should receive information about the admin account.
  • Through the online rostering system organizers can view the status of each team and player including information such as:
    • membership status
    • waiver status
    • chaperones and coaches on the event roster

Submitting Event Materials to USAU

Final event materials must be mailed to USAU HQ within 5 days of the conclusion of your event (leagues have requirements for materials at the beginning of events as well).  Materials should be well organized (sorted by team is preferred for tournaments), with all payments clearly labeled.  Checks should be made out to USA Ultimate.  Do not send cash. Send via priority mail or comparable. Materials should be sent to the following address:

USA Ultimate, Attn: Event Sanctioning, 5825 Delmonico Dr, Suite 350, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Tips for Tournament Registration
  • Start communicating about registration EARLY, EARLY, EARLY.  Do not wait until your deadline.  The more time people have to take care of registration requirements, the better.
  • ONLINE is BEST.  Some events are permitted to submit typed rosters and collect materials and roster additions at the event.  However, the more you take care of ONLINE BEFORE the event, the smoother things will flow the day of the event.
  • Communicate the chaperone requirement if minors are allowed at the event.  Chaperone background checks can take several business days to process. This process needs to be started EARLY.  Minors will NOT be permitted to participate without an approved chaperone.
  • Share the link for Team & Player registration with the teams and be sure to communicate your specific event type.  You can track registration online by logging in to your account.
  • For events where the excel roster form is accepted (Recreational), encourage teams to email the roster in before the event.  If they do opt to bring it to the event, the roster needs to be typed (handwritten rosters are not allowed). 
  • Send regular registration reminders to teams that have not started their rosters!


Tips for League Registration
  • Rosters: All participants must be listed on a roster for the league (including pickup players).  Initial rosters must be received within one week after the event start date.
    • Online Rosters:  Rosters can be entered in the USA Ultimate Online Rostering System for team based leagues only.  See the Team & Player registration page for more information.
    • Emailing an Excel File: An excel file listing all players can be emailed to leagues@usaultimate.org. The file must contain the following for all players; name, USAU ID# (if known), phone, address, email, birthday, gender.
  • Waivers:  All participants must sign a waiver before they are allowed to play.  Waivers must be received by USAU HQ within 2 weeks after the event start.  All players can complete a waiver online by logging in to their account (payment not required to create an account).  Organizers may request an email be sent to all players who do not have a waiver on file by USAU (must have submitted rosters for this email to be sent).  Alternatively, you can collect a paper version of the waiver and mail that to USAU HQ.
  • Fees:  All participants must have a current USAU membership or pay for a one-time Event Membership (current rates posted on the Membership page).  Payment must be received within 2 weeks after the event start.  Event Memberships can be paid online here, or you can send a check to USAU HQ.  


Once the league roster is received by USAU HQ, participants will be rostered in the online event management system (EMS) and the event manager(s)/organizer(s) will be able to view the roster(s) through his/her admin account(s), including the ability to download a report (comma-delimited file useful with Excel or other spreadsheet software) that indicates the membership and waiver status for each player's account.