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Club Regular Season Requirements


Please see the Club Competition Division page for more club specific information such as post season dates, teams, and contact. (See below for regular season dates).

The following requirements are outlined for club regular season events under the USA Ultimate Tournament Sanctioning program:

2020 Regular Season Dates - TBD

  1. Definition: The club regular season includes all identified and approved sanctioned tournaments and/or match-play events (at the discretion of USA Ultimate) that involve primarily club division teams. Organizers and teams should all be aware of the club guidelines that apply throughout the club regular season and club series as well. Contact sanctioning@usaultimate.org for any questions regarding tournament sanctioning and how it relates to the club regular season.

  2. Rosters: All participating teams at club regular season events must complete event rosters including every player participating at the event through the online USA Ultimate rostering system. Instructions and assistance will be provided from the USA Ultimate tournament sanctioning program manager to the listed event organizers. The event organizers will then have admin access to oversee the rostering process and should communicate instructions directly to the teams to ensure that this requirement is completed.
    1. Players cannot be added to a club regular season event roster without (1) a current, full USA Ultimate player-level membership (includes Youth, College, Adult, Coach/Player, and Lifetime) and (2) a completed USA Ultimate waiver on their account.
    2. Event memberships are not available for club regular season teams.
    3. Club regular season teams must have at least a minimum of 10 players on the event roster prior to the specific event's final roster deadline to be eligible to participate in the event. The maximum number of players allowed on a single event roster is 26.
    4. Non-regular season teams (i.e., international team excluding Canada) competing at club regular season events require pre-approval and can be provided with additional rostering instructions if they wish to purchase event memberships.
    5. All specific event registration and final roster deadlines apply the same for regular season and/or non-regular season teams at club regular season events.
    6. The USA Ultimate tournament sanctioning program manager will provide a final roster report to the event organizer via e-mail prior to the event. The event organizer must share this final roster report with the teams prior to the event. Only players listed on this report are eligible to participate.
  3. Competition: These specific competition guidelines must be followed at club regular season events and are also outlined in the club guidelines.
    1. Tournament Format - The specific schedule/format for the event can be created at the discretion of the event organizer but must comply with the standard tournament sanctioning requirements in this regard. USA Ultimate reserves the right to deny sanctioning for an event format that does not coincide with the goals and objectives on the club regular season.
    2. Team Size - The competition rules should specify games with seven players on the field for each team.
    3. Field Size - Fields must be at least 35 yards wide with a playing field proper at least 65 yards in length and endzones at least 18 yards in depth. All other buffers between fields and to hazards as outlined in the tournament sanctioning requirements must be observed.
    4. Game Length - Games must be scheduled to at least a minimum point cap of 11 and no time cap can be less than 60 minutes. Games that are suspended due to inclement weather or other unavoidable reason will be counted only if a team has reached at least half the minimum point total or half the minimum game length.
    5. Forfeit Rules - The forfeit rules for the club regular season are outlined here.
    6. Observers - Only USA Ultimate certified observers are permitted to officiate at club regular season events. Experimental changes in officiating responsibilities may be permitted, but must be communicated in detail during the sanctioning application process and must be pre-approved by USA Ultimate.
    7. Competition Rules - All club regular season events must be played using the current edition of the USA Ultimate Official Rules of Ultimate. The 20-yard End-zone Size and the Contact Call have been reapproved for the 2018 Club Regular Season and Series and should be played in all games.
    8. Experimental Rules - Rules changes (i.e., those outside of the current edition of the USA Ultimate official rules) may be permitted, but must be communicated in detail during the sanctioning application process and must be pre-approved by USA Ultimate.
    9. Score Reporting - Scores for the tournament should be posted on the USA Ultimate Tournament Calendar as soon as possible to improve the quality of the event and allow teams to follow the schedule. This is particularly important on Saturday night of the tournament so that teams can check the schedule going into Sunday.
  4. Deadlines: The following deadlines are in addition to the deadlines established in the standard tournament sanctioning requirements.
    1. Team Registration (includes approval for non-regular season teams) - Teams must at least be registered for the event by 5:00pm MT on the Monday prior to the start of the event. The system will prevent registration after this time and teams that fail to complete this step will not be eligible to participate in the event.
    2. Schedule - The final schedule (including initial seedings) for the event must be posted via the USA Ultimate event builder system by 8:00am MT on the Tuesday prior to the start of the event.
    3. Final Event Rosters - Final event rosters must be completed via the USA Ultimate online rostering system by 5:00pm MT on the Wednesday prior to the start of the event. The system will prevent any further event roster changes after this time. Players that have not been added and teams with fewer than 10 players on the event roster will not be eligible to participate in the event.
    4. Final Scores - All scores must be entered and marked as final in the USA Ultimate event builder system by 8:00am MT on the Monday after the event. The event organizer must also send a confirmation e-mail to sanctioning@usaultimate.org once this is complete. At this time, organizers should not make any more changes to the schedule/results and score reporting for the event will be locked. The burden of proof will fall on the teams if any changes need to be made after this deadline.
    5. See below for a breakdown of all these deadlines (as well as application deadlines) relative to the weekend of any given club regular season event.
  5. Penalties: USA Ultimate reserves the right to impose penalties on organizers, teams, and/or players that fail to meet any of these requirements.
    1. These penalties could include financial penalties, exclusion from an event (team or player), nullification of results, cancellation of sanctioning for event (and revoking insurance coverage), future sanctions, or any other penalties that USA Ultimate deems necessary to impose.
  6. Sanctioning: All other standard tournament sanctioning requirements (i.e., safety standards, communication expectations, etc.) must be met for club regular season events as well as the specific guidelines above.
  7. Triple Crown Tour Events: Note that there are some specific requirements outlined for the major Triple Crown Tour events that supersede some of the general club regular season requirements. This includes requirements such as increased roster minimums, early roster deadlines, and so on. For full details, please refer to the club guidelines and communications directly from the sanctioning program manager.

These requirements are non-negotiable once an event has been classified as a club regular season event. Organizers, teams, and players absolutely must comply with these requirements. If you have any questions about the information outlined above, please contact sanctioning@usaultimate.org and we'll be happy to provide further assistance.