Insurance Certificate Tips


USA Ultimate approved sanctioned events are protected through the USA Ultimate liability policy, if coverage is elected.

Event managers may only request insurance certificates for USA Ultimate approved sanctioned events.

• Review a summary of the USAU insurance policy
• Review the following tips 

Tips for Completing the Insurance Request Form


Organization/Entity:  The institution that is requesting the insurance certificate. Examples: Triangle Ultimate, Name of Organizer, City of Colorado Springs, Colorado University.

Contact: Enter the name of the person being insured, either the name of the event manager OR the contact associated with the entity listed. As an exmaple, if you list a city as additional insured the contact would be the person at the city not the event manager.

Relation to Event:  How is the contact person related to the event?  Often they are the event organizer, field provider or vendor.

Address:  Street, City, State & Zip.

Specific Wording:  Check with any entities requiring insurance and ask for specific wording that they may require.  For example, some entities may require that the form say verbatim, "The State of XX (fill in state), the Trustees of the XX (fill in state) State University and the employees, officers, and agents of each are listed as Additional Insured as respects to the event XX (fill in event name)  to be held XX and XX (fill in dates."

Certificate Holder: The entity or person who is directly managing the event. Certificate holders are generally the organizer, team manager or coach. Certificate holders will be issued a certificate of insurance as proof of coverage. (If you're not sure you can leave this blank).

Additional Insured:  Any other entities apart from the above named (under the certificate holders section) requesting to be covered by this policy must be listed as an additional insured.  Those identified as an additional insured will be issued a certificate of insurance as proof of coverage.  (If you're not sure you can leave this blank).



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