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Development Insurance Requirements


In order to receive the benefits of the USA Ultimate Development Insurance program, there are certain requirements that must be completed by the event organizer. 

The following requirements have been established by the USA Ultimate staff in collaboration with qualified committees in order to provide a standardized level of quality across all events. These are considered a minimum standard and organizers are always encouraged to exceed these expectations if possible.


Agree to the Development Insurance Agreement and Contract (Sign in the application)

Read and understand the Conditions and Terms of insuring your event. 



  • The primary applicant must be a current USA Ultimate member in good standing from the time of applying through the conclusion of the event and must be at least 18 years of age.
  • All tournament sanctioning applicants must complete the entire application process including payment of applicable fees 



(click to go to insurance detail page)

All USA Ultimate sanctioned events are required to be insured. USA Ultimate automatically provides general liability coverage for sanctioned divisions of approved events. 

Certificates of Insurance (COIs) may be requested in the application and additional COIs may be requested by email.

Organizers may apply to sanction just a particular division(s) of their event if they abide by the following: Provide liability coverage for the entire event and provide USA Ultimate with a certificate of coverage naming USA Ultimate as an additional insured. The certificate must include the following:

USA Ultimate, 5825 Delmonico Drive, Suite 350, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Name and dates of the event

Liability coverage of $2 million general aggregate and a $1 million each occurrence limit


Registration and Rostering Process

  • Notify participants that the event is sanctioned by USA Ultimate and share the participant waiver and membership requirements. 
  • All participants must complete a USA Ultimate waiver form (online) and purchase a valid USA Ultimate membership. 
  • All participants must be listed on the event roster to participate and receive insurance coverage.
  • Rostering is managed through the USA Ultimate online roster management system and specific instructions will be provided to the event organizer upon application approval.
  • The event organizer is finacially responsible for all memberships that need to be collected.  


Youth Requirements

For events where anyone under the age of 18 participates. The youth requirements posted are mandatory.

Provisions and Amenities 

  • Water/Bathrooms: The availabilty of water and bathrooms at the event field sites must be communicated to all participants prior to the event.
  • Safety: All events must use safe athletic fields with cones and safety buffers (minimum of 3 yards to equipment, 4 yards between fields, and 5 yards to hazards/padding).
  • Fields: Event organizers must obtain any required permits and permissions to use fields, avoid destruction of fields, and communicate with field provider about weather policies and field use.
  • Food: If you are providing food, you must be in compliance with local health standards and ordinances.
  • Name/Logo: USA Ultimate name must appear anywhere that the event name/logo is published.
  • Gender/Division Equity: All USA Ultimate sanctioned events must provide equal treatment and service, regardless of gender or division.  For any event with multiple divisions, all divisions must receive equal service in terms of all amenities and provided service levels.  Organizer(s) must be diligent to provide adequate staffing and budget resources such that the health, safety, provisions and amenities are equally distributed and provided.

Health, Safety, and Liability 

All USA Ultimate sanctioned events are absolutely required to follow the same event health, safety, and liability requirements.


Organizer Resources


If you are a current organizer for a USA Ultimate Sanctioned event, check out this page for helpful resources for managing your event.

If you have any questions about these requirements or any concerns please contact sanctioning@usaultimate.org for further assistance and we'll be happy to help you!