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Insurance Program FAQs

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Insurance Program Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of our most common questions about event sanctioning through the USA Ultimate Insurance Program

What type of events does the USA Ultimate Insurance Program cover?

The insurance program provides insurance coverage to the following types of ultimate-related events:

  • Team Practices
  • Team Tryouts
  • Local Pick-Up Games
  • Ultimate Camps
  • Ultimate Clinics
  • Hat Tournaments


Affiliates must apply through the Affiliate Event Registration page

Leagues must go through the USA Ultimate League Sanctioning program.

Tournaments (other than hat tournaments) must go through the USA Ultimate Tournament Sanctioning program.

What are the steps that I must take in order to utilize the USA Ultimate Insurance Program?

First, make sure that you are familiar with all of the benefits and requirements of the program. Once you feel that you are comfortable with this information and believe that your event is right for the program, follow the steps outlined on the How to Apply page to submit your application and applicable fees. After these materials have been submitted, the insurance program manager will contact you regarding the status of your application and any further instructions.

When do I need to request insurance certificates?

As part of the benefits of the insurance program, all listed organizers and rostered participants are automatically covered by the insurance coverage through the USA Ultimate general liability policy. Insurance certificates are not needed by default, instead, you only need to request insurance certificates when proof of insurance is required (i.e., field site needs proof of insurance to accept a field reservation). You can identify this information as part of the application process. If anything changes after you have submitted your application, simply contact insurance_program@usaultimate.org for assistance.

What period of time can our insurance program event cover?

The start of your event and insurance coverage cannot begin any sooner than 10 business days after your application is submitted. The total period of time from start date to end date cannot exceed six months and cannot overlap two calendar years (i.e., the latest end date for any event in a given year is December 31st). If you are looking for insurance coverage that overlaps two calendar years, then you will have to split your event between each calendar year (i.e., one event ending on December 31st and the other event starting on January 1st).

What type of Membership do I need? 

A one year or more membership is recommened if you plan on participating in multiple events during the year. Your yearly membership includes all USA Ultimate sanctioned events including, college, club and recreational events. You also have the option of purchasing an event membership for each recreational event you participate in (not applicable for college and club regular season).


If you are a current organizer for a USA Ultimate Insurance Program event, check out this page for more helpful resources.


Please contact insurance_program@usaultimate.org with any questions and we'll be happy to help you!