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Development Insurance Benefits


The USA Ultimate Development Insurance program provides benefits that can help with a wide range of ultimate activities. Check out the list of benefits below to see if the Development Insurance program is right for your team, organization, and/or event. Understand that to receive the benefits of the program, there are certain requirements that must also be met.

USA Ultimate Liability Insurance Coverage

The primary benefit and purpose for the Development Insurance program is to provide general liability insurance for your event. The coverage comes through the USA Ultimate general liability policy and applies per event. Listed organizers and rostered participants also receive sport accident coverage as part of the policy.

Online Roster Management

The USA Ultimate online roster management system allows event organizers to more efficiently manage their event. Avoid the need to collect paperwork and payments and get rid of the hassle of mailing those materials to the USA Ultimate office. The online rostering system makes it easier for the organizer to coordinate their event and communicate with participants.

Tournament Calendar Listing

List your event on USA Ultimate's Tournament Calendar. Post helpful information for your participants such as dates, locations, schedules, address and directions. As a listing in the calendar your event is easily searchable and visible to everyone. 

Discounts on Merchandise and Resources

Organizers receive discounts on an assortment of merchadise items and resources available through the sanctioning program.

Organizer Resources

If you are a current organizer for a USA Ultimate Sanctioned event, check out this page for helpful resources for managing your event.

USA Ultimate Staff Support

USA Ultimate will provide staff support for your event. This staff support is a great resource for questions about managing your event and any other general USA Ultimate policies and procedures. You can always contact the program manager or any of the staff in the sanctioning department with any inquiries.


Please contact info@hq.usaultimate.org with any questions. We're happy to help you!