Recipients 2012



Team Ultimate Camp(TUC)

Shannon O'Malley, Seattle, WA
Award Amount: $1000

Team Ultimate Camp is a series of summer camps for middle schools in and around Seattle.  Each week-long camp works with a single school to build team skills, comraderie, and individual skills.  Players will get the chance to lead and follow in drills and exercises and give input on team strategies and give input on team strategies that will develop. Coaches will guide players through strategies with collaboration and team work. In addition to drills on the field that encourage players to communicate effectively and work together to acheive a common goal.

All Girl Everything Ultimate Program (AGE-UP)

Lisa Niemann, Seattle, WA
Award Amount: $1500

AGE UP Logo square

The All Girl Everything Ultimate Program (AGE-UP) is a partnership between the Women's Sports Foundation's GoGirlGo! program, Seattle Parks and Recreation, DiscNW, and three women's club and college teams.  AGE-UP begins with a series of ten workshops for teen girls, combining the GoGirlGo! curriculum (which addresses teen issues) with Ultimate clinics by Seattle Riot, Seattle Underground, and U. of Washington Element.  Those girls will then apply their new leadership skills by coaching clinics for younger peers. 

The AGE-UP goals are to boost girls’ involvement in Ultimate; to provide opportunities for girls in underserved neighborhoods; and to improve the lives of the girls via the development of fitness habits, teamwork, conflict-resolution strategies, leadership skills, and mentor and peer relationships.

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Respect the Game Deserves

Doug Ishikawa, Des Plaines, IL
Award Amount: $1400


This program is an intramural Ultimate club at a public junior high school.  It allows low-income, ethnic students the opportunity to learn the game of Ultimate.  Students with a diverse understanding and athleticism are split into teams and scrimmage after school in a social and competitive environment, while "keeping kids off the streets". This grant will allow the intramural program to be enhanced by providing additional coaching, equipment, and resources so that the students will be able to play Ultimate with the respect the game deserves.

firebird ultimate team pic



Discs for BAWSI Girls

Manisha Daryani, San Jose, Il
Award Amount: $950

The Bay Area Women's Sport Initiative (BASWI) creates programs and partnerships for women to bring health and hope to the community.  BAWSI Girls is the flagship program that connects college and high school female athletes with young girls living in underserved communities to serve as role models to promote healthy activities and lifestyles, while teaching valuable life lessons of conflict resolution, teamwork, and commitment.   This wil allow BAWSI to incorpatate disc games into the BAWSI cirriculum, promoting ultimate to underserved communities.