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Grant Program



Current Grant Program

USA Ultimate assists hundreds of players in getting involved with Ultimate each year. The New Start Program provides resources and materials to assist with the start-up of new ultimate programs, leauges, or teams. Applicants may only take advantage of the New Start Program once per program.  Applicants must reside in the United States. Based on demand, USAU may not be able to fulfill all requests.

Administrators have the option of selecting from the following kits:

  • Learn to Play Kit
  • Team Kit
  • Custom kit based on needs


For more details about the kits or to purchase a kit without waiting for the next monthly grant review, please visit our merchandise program page.

 apply grant kit


Program Details

  • First priority is given to applicants representing USA Ultimate Affiliates, new women's teams/programs, new youth teams/programs, and/or current USAU members.

  • Accepted applicants will receive complimentary equipment and will only pay a standard $18.75 shipping fee upon application approval.

  • Applicants may request only 1 kit.

  • Applications are accepted year-round but are only reviewed monthly. Applicants are notified immediately following the review period. 

  • Contact grants@usaultimate.org with questions and/or suggestions!