Coach Certification Rebate

The goal of the rebate program is to encourage more women to take on leadership roles in their community.  Through the rebate program, contingent upon adequate remaining funding, USA Ultimate is able to subsidize some of the costs related to becoming a certified coach.  Please note that there can be additional costs for membership, background checks and SafeSport.  Be sure to confirm all program details, costs and requirements before pursuing certification.  For participants that become a USA Ultimate Certified Coach, you are eligible for the rebate if you meet the following requirements: 


The following participants that become USA Ultimate certified coaches are eligible to apply for up to $35 rebate on their registration fee:

  • Women who coach any team (boys/men, girls/women, or mixed gender)
  • Men who coach a women's or mixed team that participates in a women's or mixed division of a USAU event
  • Maximum of two coaches per team
  • Completed the USA Ultimate Coaching Development Program and have received Middle School, High School or College/Club certification.


In order to be eligible for the rebate, applicants must:

  • Pay the initial CDP workshop registration fee via your USA Ultimate member account.
  • Become a USA Ultimate Middle School, High School or College/Club certified coach.
  • Have a Coach, Coach & Player, or Lifetime membership.
  • Coach a team* in the appropriate division of a USA Ultimate Championship or sanctioned event (all team members must become full annual members of the organization; single event memberships do not qualify).
  • Be properly event rostered with the team at all participating event(s).
  • Not be a player on the team he/she is coaching.
  • Meet all program rules within a 12 month timeframe
  • May only use this program for one of the three certifications.  If a coach gets a second certification, that will not be eligible for rebate.
  • Rebates will not be eligible for re-certification.


Rebates will only be approved after all of these conditions have been met.  Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis (at the end of March, June, September and December). If you have completed all program rules and requirements and would like to apply for the USA Ultimate CDP Workshop rebate, download the application  after all requirements have been met. 

*Teams must comply with all competition guidelines including membership requirements.