2004 National League Organizers Conference


National League Conference

November 13-14, 2004

Boulder, CO

The UPA would like to thank the sponsors of the National League Conference:

VC Ultimate

The presentations from the event are no longer available online.  Please contact sportdevelopment@usaultimate.org to obtain a copy of a presentation below.

Session I – Organizational Structures
How are local organizations structured around the country?
Presentation: Small League Profile, Anthony David Adams, EPUFA
: Large League Profile, Jon Francis, PADA
: Incorporation and Non-Profit 501(c)(3) status, Tommy Proulx, BUDA (Boston)
General Discussion following presentations

Session II – League Structures
How different leagues are structured (hat/team or clique, adult/youth, single gender/co-ed) along with processes and methodologies for organizing them, including SOTG and conduct issues
Presentation: Creating Balanced Teams, Elizabeth Murray, SFUL
: SOTG, Elisabeth Bowman, GRU
Panel Discussion (panel TBA)

Session III – Coed and Women’s Ultimate
How do leagues recruit and retain female players and handle the 4:3 coed ratio?
Presentation: Recruiting & Retaining Women through Clinics, Andrea Rossillon, BUDA (Birmingham)
: Women’s Learning League, William Dill, BUDA (Boston)
General Discussion following presentations

Session IV – Youth Ultimate
Running youth leagues and how they differ adult leagues
: Youth League Profile, Darren Shultz, PHUL
: Youth League Profile, Jeff Berget, CO
Panel Discussion (panel TBA)

Session V – Fields
How to find fields and secure them for ultimate use
: Obtaining Fields for Ultimate, Christopher Burke, DiscNW Presentation: Fields, Fields, Fields, Ken Lange, OCUA
Panel Discussion (panel TBA)

Session VI – UPA Programs
Investigating how the UPA and leagues can work together to achieve common goals and objectives
Presentation: UPA Event Sanctioning, Melanie Byrd, UPA
Presentation: Youth Programs, Kyle Weisbrod, UPA
Presentation: Recreation League Championships, Will Deaver, UPA
General Discussion
: What are your expectations of the UPA and thoughts on a UPA League Championship?

Session VII – Registration
How do leagues administer registration?
Presentation: League Registration Profile, Elizabeth Murray, SFUL
General discussion following presentation.
UPA Presentation: Registration Concepts, Kitt Hodsden, UPA

Session VIII – Website Communication
How do leagues make use of their website?
: League Website Profile, Matthew Heyward, WAFC
General discussion following presentation

Session IX – Media
Gaining media attention and preparing/distributing press releases
: Press Release Examples, Mike Degnan, UPA
Panel Discussion (TBA)

Session X – Sponsorship
How to best get sponsors
Panel Discussion (panel TBA)

Session XI – Tournaments
How to run tournaments effectively
Presentation: League Tournament Profile, Shiellah Quintos, AUM
Presentation: Club Tournament Profile, Anthony David Adams, EPUFA
General discussion following presentation

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