USA Ultimate Coaching Requirements

USA Ultimate has coaching requirements for individuals as well as teams. Refer to both sets of guidelines below to prepare for your team's coaching needs this upcoming season.

Requirements for individuals coaching at USA Ultimate Events


  • Coaches coaching teams at all USA Ultimate events must be identified via the team roster, all event rosters, and in some cases, event info forms.


  • Coach level membership educational requirements.  The link for these requirements can be found on the homepage of your USA Ultimate Account:
    • Agreement to adhere to the Coaching Code of Ethics
    • Certification showing completetion of the CDC's concussion training (or other USA Ultimate approved training).
    • Certification showing competition of the SafeSport training.
    • Passing a quiz passed on four online training videos produced by USA Ultimate.
  • CDP Certification: At least one member of the registered Coaching Staff must be currently Level I Certified or have attended an Ethics level workshop for sideline access to restricted fields at the following events (Club events do NOT currently require certification):
    • High School Regional Championships (semifinals & finals)
    • D-III College Championships (semifinals & finals)
    • D-I College Championships (all fields)
    • Youth Club Championships (semifinals & finals)
    • Coaches should make plans to attend the Coaching Ethics Workshop (part of the Level I workshop) between October and March of each year in order to ensure access to the sideline for all games at Championship events.
  • You must have graduated from high school.
  • CPR/First Aid certification is recommended.


Athlete Protection:

  • The Coach must have a NCSI Green Light Background Screen, valid through the dates of their event(s).
    • Checks average 10 business days to complete, and additional country or county searches can delay that time.
    • This screen is a prerequisite to coach membership.
  • Coaches must read & electronically agree to the Spirit of CoachingCoaching Ethics Code (pdf). This is included in the NCSI Background Screening process. 
  • Please also refer to the USA Ultimate Athlete Protection Guidelines, for information on steps USA Ultimate and coaches can take together to keep athletes safe on and off the field.


  • The Coach must join USA Ultimate as either Coach, Coach/Player or Lifetime Member for the year of the event.
  • IMPORTANT--->The NCSI screen and the educational requirements are required to be completed as "GREEN LIGHT" previously to joining USA Ultimate as a coach member.

Uniform Guidelines:

  • Coaches must follow the uniform guidelines established by their division: youth, college or club.

Team Requirements for coaching at USA Ultimate Events

Events requiring teams to have coaches present for all competition and included on rosters:

  • Youth Division:
    • High School Regional championships--1 unique coach (cannot represent two teams at the same event) mininum per team
    • Youth Club Championships--1 unique coach (cannot represent two teams at the same event) minimum per team
    • *State Championships & Qualifying events: 
      • Beginning in 2015, teams were encouraged to have a minimum of one current USA Ultimate Coach Member on hand and listed on the official event roster for all state championships & qualifying events.
      • As of 2016, all teams are required to have a minimum of one current USA Ultimate Coach Member on hand and listed on the official event roster for all state championships & qualifying events.
  • College, Club, Masters Divisions:
    • No events in college, club, or masters divisions currently require coaches. If a team in these divisions choose to attend an event with a coach, coaches must be listed on the roster & meet all individual requirements.


During events with restricted sideline access (Semifinals and Finals of most USA Ultimate events, all of College DI Nationals):