Level II Coach Certification


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The USA Ultimate Level II Coach Certification Program was designed by Dan Cogan-Drew, Eileen Murray, Sam O'Brien, John Sandahl, and Kyle Weisbrod during 2005 and 2006.


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Advanced Strategies & Tactics

The Level II Coach Certification is 2 full days of instruction that focuses on advanced coaching for Ultimate and is ideal for high school, college, and club captains and coaches who are looking for new tools to help take their leadership to the next level.  The program incorporates concepts developed by top high school, college, and club coaches with a record for performing at the top of the game while maintaining Spirit of the Game and training future leaders of the sport.

The resources included in the workshop and Level II Coach Manual come from:

    * Sockeye (Seattle Open)
    * Mischief (Bay Area Mixed)
    * DoG (Boston Open)
    * Backhoe (North Carolina Women's)
    * Ozone (Atlanta Women's)
    * CUT (Carleton College Open)
    * SubZero (Minneapolis Open)
    * HoDawgs (University of Georgia Women)
    * Brass Monkey (Bay Area Mixed)
    * And More!

USA Ultimate's Level II Coach Certification Program is a standardized program and includes the following topics and more:

    * Practice and Season Planning
    * Learning Styles
    * Assessing teams and players
    * Offensive concepts and formations
    * Defensive concepts and formations
    * Spirit of the Game in competitive environments
    * The Role of the Coach and Coaching the Mental Game

Workshop attendees will also receive USA Ultimate's Level II Coaching Manual, which includes detailed offensive and defensive illustrations, and resources such as sample stat and player assessment sheets, interviews with prominent coaches, and tools for goal setting.


For coaches seeking Level II Certification, the process is as follows:

(1) Have a current USAU Coach or Coach/Player membership

(2) Have a current or expired Level I certification

(3) Attend the Advanced Strategies & Tactics workshop

(4) Complete the online assessment (emailed after the workshop) with a passing score of 80%

(5) (If not already completed) Complete the background check screening through the National Center for Safety Initiatives and receive a "Green Light"

Note- Beginning in January of 2013, the NCSI background check is not included in the cost of the certification.

Certification is good for 5 calendar years after the date of the workshop.


Level I certification is required to receive Level II certification. However, any coach may pay the fee and audit the course but will not receive Level II certification. Coaches may also retroactively receive Level II certification upon completing the Level I certification at a later date.

Coaches who seek certification from USA Ultimate must consent to a background check prior to certification. The background check is conducted by a third party, the Nation Center for Safety Initiatives. The results of the search are provided to USA Ultimate for screening purposes only. USA Ultimate reserves the right to deny certification to coaches or volunteers when the background check or other information indicates felonies, any crimes involving children, any violent crimes, any crimes of a sexual nature or any other conduct or information causing USA Ultimate to deny certification.

USA Ultimate Coach Certification is a statement only that the coach has successfully completed a program that teaches skills, tactics, strategy, rules and the Spirit of the Game. USA Ultimate is not in any way certifying the moral character of any coach or volunteer. The background check performed for USA Ultimate should not be relied on or used as a replacement for purposes of your own background check or investigation and/or complying with any requirement that might be imposed by a school district, sports league, etc.  USA Ultimate's background check is current as of the time the coach applies for certification.