Team and Player Registration


States Sect/Conf Regionals
1. Roster Process
Online rostering required; 
roster must be created with team name, team contact and chaperone listed at least 2 weeks before event
Rostering requirements- must meet team registration deadline  
2. Post-event Timing/Deadlines  Registration materials submitted day after event
3. Eligibility/Membership Annual playing-level membership required; division-specific eligibility applies
4. Coaches No requirements at this time
5. Chaperones 1 USAU approved chaperone per team if any players are under 18 years old  √

Key: √ means requirement applies to that event type, multiple √’s indicates an increased requirement

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  • 1. Roster Process
    • States
      • Online rostering is required.
      • Online roster must be started with team name, team contacts, and chaperones listed at least two weeks before the event.  Additional time allowed for getting all players listed on the roster.
      • Players may be added day of the event.
    • Sectionals/Conferences/Regionals
      • Teams must meet sectional/conferences/regional requirements.
      • Teams must meet team registration deadline.
  • 2. Post-event Timing/Deadlines
    •  Coordinators should submit all registration materials the day after their event.
  • 3. Eligibility/Membership
    • Players must have annual playing level membership and have a current wavier on file.
    • Players must meet division specific requirements.
  • 4. Coaches
    • No requirements at this time. 
  • 5. Chaperones