Competition Requirements


States Sect/Conf Regionals
1. Rules/Eligibility USAU division-specific rules/series guidelines; no experimental rules unless authorized through USAU experimental rules process
2. Schedule and Caps

1) 3 games a day, max 6 on the weekend when using full length (2 hour, games to 15);

2) Option to have more games within the 6 hour max game time (if # of teams/competition necessitates);

3) Minimum of 30 minutes from hard cap to start of next round;

4) If teams have more than 2 games in a day, one 1-hour break between games is recommended

Must follow USAU cap regulations.


1) No more than 5 games/day, no more than 9/2days;

2) Minimum game length of 60 minutes;

3) Games must be at minimum to 11 points;

4) Reference States column for youth requirements

Must follow USAU cap regulations.

3. Format Formats Manual or otherwise approved by appropriate USAU official; for youth events see Schedule and Caps row above
4. Results Scores posted by midnight on each day of play
5. Placement Games
Follow formats manual and series guidelines
6. # of Games (min/max) Max (see Schedule and Caps above); min (follow Formats manual or approved format)
7. Observers USAU cert. only; division/series specific guidelines
Tournament Director Guidleines for Observers
8. Spirit Ratings/Rankings
USAU ratings each game; team spirit winners, publish team ratings    
USAU ratings for finals    
9. Uniforms For finals, team members have to wear same color jersey while playing    
10. Statistics Regional finals (kept by teams or event staff)    

Key: √ means requirement applies to that event type, multiple √’s indicates an increased requirement

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  • 1. Rules and Player Eligibility
  • 2. Schedule
    • States
      • Three games a day maximum, six games per weekend when using full length two hour games to fifteen.
      • Coordinators have the option to have more games in the six hour maximum if the number of teams/competition necessitates.
      • Minimum of thrity minutes from hard card to the start of the next round.
      • If teams have more than two games a day, a one hour break between games is recommended.
    • Sectionals/Conferences/Regionals
      • Must follow USAU cap regulations.
      • No more than five games per day, no more than nine games over two days.
      • Games must be, at minimum, to 11 points and 60 minutes in length.
      • Reference States guidelines for youth requirements.
  • 3. Formats
    • Must use USAU approved format, or format must receive approval from the appropriate USAU coordinator
    • For youth events, see Schedule requirements above.
  • 4. Results
    • All results should be posted by midnight on each day of play
  • 5. Placement Games
  • 6. # of Games (min/max)
    • For maximum number of games, see scheduling requirements.
    • For minimum number of games, follow format manual or approved format.
  • 7. Observers
    • All observers must be USAU Certified.
    • Follow series/division specific guidelines.
  • 8. Spirit Ratings/Rankings
  • 9. Uniforms
    • Teams must wear matching color jerseys for regional finals play.
  • 10. Statistics
    • Use non-RUFUS recording method for finals.