States Sect/Conf Regionals
1. Apparel/Merchandise Discounts Based on USAU partnership agreements (coming soon)
2. Banner Coming soon
3. Calendar USAU posts event on events calendar at
4. Committees (competition, formats, conduct, rules, observer) Access to committees as a resource for events
5. Competition Awards
1st and 2nd team trophies provided by USAU    
Preferred vendor based on USAU partnership agreements (coming soon)  
6. Discounted Game Discs Available for purchase
7. Email Communications Emails sent to team organizers by HQ staff with general event info, and other helpful information
8. Follow-Up Survey and Results Follow-up survey results provided w/in 4-6 weeks after event  
9. Game Results Official competition advancement, results posted
10. Liability Insurance USAU insurance provided
11. Media Coverage USAU coverage online/magazine
12. Message Board Forums USAU posts event forum on BB
13. Online Rostering Available for all series events
14. Event Builder Training and assistance with use, USAU posts event in event builder
15. SOTG Awards Package
Team trophy, publish on website/mag    
USA Ultimate Spirit Rankings Guidelines and form available  
16. Statistics Can be entered on website    
17. TD Manual See TDCP.
18. USA Ultimate Support Staff USAU HQ staff member available to organizers and teams for assistance and support

Key: √ means requirement applies to that event type, multiple v’s indicates an increased requirement

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  • 1. Apparel/Merchandise Discounts
    • USA Ultimate is in the process of developing this benefit.
  • 2. Banner
    • USA Ultimate is in the process of developing this benefit.
  • 3. Calendar Listing
  • 4. Committees
    • All events have access to USA Ultimate competition committee, format committee, conduct/policy committee, standing rules committee, and observer committee. To contact any of these committees please follow this link.
  • 5. Competition Awards
    • States
      • Trophies are provided by USA Ultimate for first and second place team in each division.
    • Sectional/Conference/Regional
      • USA Ultimate in the process of developing this benefit.
  • 6. Discounted Game Discs
    • Available for all events.  Disc order forms will be emailed prior to the event.
  • 7. Email Communications
    • USA Ultimate will send email communications to team organizers containing general event/series info, health and safety procedures, and other helpful information.
  • 8. Follow-up Survey and Results
    • Participants at all events are sent a follow-up event survey.
    • Organizers are provided with a follow-up report 4-6 weeks after their event.
  • 9. Game Results
    • Official results allow teams to advance within the championship structure.
    • Event results will be posted on the score reporter, and may also be featured on the USA Ultimate website as news items.
  • 10. Liability Insurance
  • 11. Media Coverage
    • Event coverage on USAU website and in the USAU magazine.
  • 12. Message Board Forums
    • USA Ultimate posts event forum on message board.
  • 13. Online Rostering
    • Required for all Champ Series events.
  • 14. Event builder
    • All coordinators can use and receive assistance with the event builder.
    • USAU posts championship events in the score reporter.
  • 15. SOTG Awards Package/Spirit Rankings
  • 16. Statistics
    • Can be entered on the webiste.
  • 17. TD Manual
  • 18. USA Ultimate Support Staff
    • Champ Series event organizers have USA Ultimate staff members as a resource for their events (please contact relevant email). Additionally, USA Ultimate staff will contact organizers to help communicate event requirements.