Education and Outreach Programs


Affiliates are required to run at least one of these outreach and education programs per year. However, more than that, they offer important opportunities for affiliates to expand. 


Increasing Youth Participation

  1. Host a Girls Ultimate Movement (GUM) clinic or league.

An outreach program designed to increase girls’ participation with a focus on creating opportunities for youth and high school aged girls to participate in sports, lead with their peers, and celebrate the beauty of sport with their opponents. As an explosive team sport that emphasizes character and leadership skills, ultimate is the NEXT big sport for girls.


           B.   Run the Middle School GUM Curriculum

Over the course of 8 sessions, groups of girls come together to learn the fundamentals of the sport, create a team, and grow as young leaders. The curriculum culminates in a community project, providing an opportunity for participants to work together to serve their wider community and demonstrate what they have learned about ultimate and leadership. This could be done as the affiliate or with a youth-serving organization, such as a Jewish Community Center (JCC), Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girls/Boys Club, YMCA or Parks & Rec.


           C.  Facilitate a Learn to Play (LTP) clinic, series of clinics, or league.

A set of resources to introduce new kids to the sport of ultimate through free introductory clinics. These resources include: marketing support, clinic formats, and equipment.


For more information, contact USA Ultimate's Youth & Education Program's Coordinator, Sarah Powers, at sarah@hq.usaultimate.org.

Starting PE Programs

A.  Host an in-service for Physical Educator (PE) Training.

USA Ultimate has a curriculum designed and tested by teachers for use in the classroom. Hosting a district in-service is a great way to make in-roads into the schools. USAU provides the in-service plan, a free kit, stipend, and t-shirt.



B. Host an in-service for professional Community Recreation Development staff at youth-serving organizations and/or parents.


USA Ultimate will support the development of Community Recreation Programs (YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, Parks & Recreation Centers, Community Centers, JCCs, Catholic Youth Organizations, et al) with staff training, program formats, and promotion.


C. Represent USAU and your Affiliate organization at the State PE Conference.


USA Ultimate will provide affiliates with presentation and exhibition materials, cover the exhibitor fees, and match any travel funds made available to volunteers by the affilliate in order to support an affiliate presence at their state SHAPE America conference. SHAPE America is a professional organization for Physical Education teachers. State conferences provide opportunities for teachers to learn about Ultimate through a brief (45-60 min) academic session or by stopping by the affiliate booth in the exhibition arena. Interested affiliates can contact their local outreach state youth coordinator for details and availability.


For more information, contact USA Ultimate's Youth & Education Program's Coordinator, Sarah Powers, at sarah@hq.usaultimate.org.

Coach Development Program


A. Facilitate a Coaching Development Program  (CDP) workshop.


USA Help build a unified volunteer base by hosting a CDP clinic and helping community members become Middle School, High School, or College/Club certified coaches. Clinics last just over 3 hours and cost $35 for each participant, $25 of which is paid to the instructor. If you do not have an instructor in your area, select someone from your local Ultimate community. Contact the manager of youth & education (cdp@usaultimate.org) and become trained to lead CDP clinics. 


For more information, contact info@hq.usaultimate.org.


Increasing Observer Participation


A. Faciliate an Observer Certification Program (OCP) clinic.


USA Ultimate clinics that include discussion of the Observer Code of Conduct, officiating philosophies, and officiating mechanics as well as skills and drills and game-time experience. Participants have the opportunity to become USA Ultimate Certified Observers.


For more information, contact USA Ultimate's Event Manager, Byron Hicks, at byron@hq.usaultimate.org.