USA Ultimate Presents GUM Curriculum at GoGirlGo! Leadership Institute

Posted: July 21, 2016 01:09 PM

Colorado Springs, Colo. (July 21, 2016)—
USA Ultimate had the opportunity to formally present its Girls’ Ultimate Movement (GUM) curriculum to more than 30 youth-serving organizations in New York on Wednesday as part of the Women’s Sports Foundation’s
GoGirlGo! Leadership Institute.

Attending and presenting on behalf of USA Ultimate was the organization’s New York Girls’ State Outreach Coordinator Larissa Wohl, who introduced ultimate to various groups, including the After School All Stars NYC, Brooklyn Youth Sports Club, Power Play NYC, NYC Department of Education, YWCA of the City of NY and others.

Along with tennis, ultimate is one of two sports that have partnered with the Women’s Sports Foundation to create and deliver programming for GoGirlGo! – a program designed to improve the health of sedentary girls through physical activity. 

The goal of Wednesday’s event was to market and promote ultimate to a variety of elementary, middle and high school girl serving organizations, as well as teach them how to implement the GoGirlGo! ultimate curriculum and apply for funding.

USA Ultimate formed a partnership with the Women’s Sports Foundation in 2015 to integrate curriculums of two programs – Learn to Play and GUM – into the Foundation’s GoGirlGo! and Sports4Life programs.

About the Women’s Sports Foundation
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GoGirlGo! builds healthy, active, confident girls. The Women’s Sports Foundation’s award winning GoGirlGo! curriculum focuses on improving the social and emotional health and well-being of girls by combining sports and physical activity, leadership, and education. This free resource is available to you and can be integrated into your existing program as a fun and engaging way to teach healthy habits, introduce physical activity or new sports and build self-confidence in the girls you serve.  Check out GoGirlGo! here:

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