USA Ultimate Announces Newest Women’s Initiative: the College Women’s Startup Project

Posted: February 6, 2017 12:21 PM

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Feb. 6, 2017) – USA Ultimate is excited to announce its newest women’s development initiative: the College Women’s Startup Project. 

Housed under the Season Training and Recruitment (STAR) Program, the College Women’s Startup Project is designed to help foster the growth of college women’s ultimate by incentivizing new teams and facilitating the development of new women’s programs. 

After an open call to the community, a 12-person focus group, all of whom have experience starting college women’s teams, was assembled to determine the biggest challenges and barriers that exist in starting a new college women’s team. The ideas were used to create an initial list of proposed benefits that would ease those challenges, which was presented to the focus group. Their feedback was incorporated into the program proposal and has become the College Women’s Startup Project. 

Through this new program, brand new college women’s teams or teams that have not participated in the college season in the last two years can apply for the Startup Project. Benefits include:

  • Free USA Ultimate college memberships over the course of three years.

  • A free team startup kit.

  • Help finding a local coach and a free coach membership.

  • Access to a women’s team alumni support network – people who have been through starting a new college women’s team themselves and can offer practical advice and support.

As many as 10 teams each year may be included in the College Women’s Startup Project.

Several members of the ultimate community have already volunteered to be a part of the women’s team alumni support network, but if you have experience starting a college women’s team and would be willing to share your experience, please contact USA Ultimate Manager of Competition & Athlete Programs – College Tom Manewitz.

For more information about the College Women’s Startup Project and to apply, visit the USA Ultimate STAR Program page:

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