USA Ultimate Weekly (September 14, 2015)

Posted: September 14, 2015 04:32 PM

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September 14, 2015:

  • The 2015 National Championships field is set! Forty-eight teams, including eight first-time qualifiers, punched their tickets at 24 regional championship events this past weekend.

    Nationals Qualifiers

    Men's   Mixed   Women's
    Doublewide - Austin, TX   7 Express - New York, NY   BENT - New York, NY
    Florida United - Jacksonville, FL   Ambiguous Grey - Washington, DC   Brute Squad - Boston, MA
    GOAT - Toronto, ON   AMP - Philadelphia, PA   Capitals - Toronto, ON
    High Five - Ann Arbor, MI   Birdfruit - Seattle, WA   Fury - San Francisco, CA
    Ironside - Boston, MA   Blackbird - San Francisco, CA   Heist - Madison, WI
    Johnny Bravo - Denver, CO   Bucket - Atlanta, GA   Iris - Montreal, QC
    Machine - Chicago, IL   Chad Larson Experience - Ames, IA   Molly Brown - Denver, CO
    Madison Club - Madison, WI   Drag'n Thrust - Minneapolis, MN   Nemesis - Chicago, IL
    Patrol - Philadelphia, PA   Love Tractor - Boulder, CO   Nightlock - San Francisco, CA
    Prairie Fire - Kansas City, KS   Metro North - CT/NY   Ozone - Atlanta, GA
    Revolver - San Francisco, CA   Mixtape - Seattle, WA   Phoenix - Raleigh, NC
    Rhino - Portland, OR   NOISE - Madison, WI   Riot - Seattle, WA
    Ring of Fire - Raleigh, NC   Polar Bears - San Francisco, CA   Scandal - Washington, DC
    Sockeye - Seattle, WA   Slow White - Boston, MA   Schwa - Portland, OR
    Sub Zero - Minneapolis, MN   The UPA - Chicago, IL   Showdown - Austin, TX
    Truck Stop - Washington, DC   Wild Card - Boston, MA   Traffic - Vancouver, BC


    2015TCT postseasondisc Catch up on all the regional championship


  • The first stage of the 2015 Discraft Triple Crown Tour Pick'em Contest has a winner!

    Think you know how teams will fare at the National Championships? Picks for stage two will open later this week.  

  • One of our affiliates, the Triangle Flying Disc Association, is hiring! If you or someone you know would be a great youth programs coordinator, visit for more information.  

  • Reminder: Applications are open for the 2016 U-20 National Teams that will compete at the World Junior Ultimate Championships. Completed applications are due Monday, Oct. 12. 

  • ICYMI: Last week's USA Ultimate Weekly

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