USA Ultimate Weekly (January 3, 2017)

Posted: January 3, 2017 04:32 PM

Welcome to USA Ultimate Weekly, where we'll provide you with brief, weekly updates on happenings at USA Ultimate!

January 3, 2017:


• The first two international mixed teams are confirmed for 2017 U.S. Open - Japanese national champions Loose and Team Mexico - adding to what is the event's strongest international field yet.


• John Hock and Dan Powers were named team managers for the U.S. National Team that will compete at the 2017 World Great Grand Masters Beach Ultimate Championships. 


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 When you purchase your 2017 membership in January, you can get a 2016 Signature Series disc, by adding a donation of $30 or more to the Ultimate Foundation and supporting programs like the Girls' Ultimate Movement and Play it Forward.

This year's disc design was inspired by the D-I and D-III College Championships held in North Carolina and our support for the LGBT community.


• If you haven't already, check out the inspiring story of Cindy Stowell, a University of Texas Melee founder and Austin ultimate player. 


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