USA Ultimate Weekly (August 28, 2019)

Posted: August 28, 2019 04:17 PM

USAUWeekly August282019

8 28 19 ProChamps

Pro Championships - This Weekend!

The final tournament of the 2019 regular season is upon us. Follow along with the USA Ultimate mobile app as 28 of the nation's best teams face off this weekend in Valley Forge, Pa.

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8 28 19 ProChampsBroadcasts   

Watch Live: Pro Championships

12 games are set to be streamed live from the Pro Championships this weekend, with another 9 available on tape delay. See the full broadcast schedule and get links to watch live. 

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8 28 19 RankingsAllocations

Club Rankings & Sectionals Bid Allocations

Preliminary end-of-regular-season rankings were released yesterday afternoon. Final rankings and bid allocations from sectionals to regionals will be out later this week. Stay tuned!  

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8 28 19 EligibilityUpdates

College Eligibility Rules Revisions

There are some changes to the college eligibility rules for the 2020 season. See the updates on what events start your five-year eligibility clock and changes to rules about online coursework.

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8 28 19 CollegeEligibilityChair

College Eligibility Chair Vacancy

Really interested in college eligibility issues + looking for a way to get involved? The college eligibility chair position is open! Find out all the details and how to apply for the role. 

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8 28 19 GUMInsta   

GUM is on Instagram!

Looking for more things GUM and girls' ultimate? Follow the Girls' Ultimate Movement on Instagram @gumultimate!


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