USA Ultimate Announces Mixed Team for 2016 World Ultimate & Guts Championships

Posted: February 11, 2016 08:10 AM

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Feb. 11, 2016)—USA Ultimate, the national governing body for the sport of ultimate in the United States and member of the U.S. Olympic Committee, announced today the 24 athletes who will represent the United States this summer on the mixed national team at the 2016 WFDF World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC), June 18-25 in London.

This historic announcement marks the first time USA Ultimate has held an open tryout for what is considered to be the pinnacle of international ultimate competition.  

Previously, USA Ultimate’s reigning national championship clubs represented the U.S. at the quadrennial event.

"The level of play and effort at tryouts was incredible, not to mention the sense of community and spirit displayed," said mixed team head coach Jake Henderson. "Matty [Tsang] announced to everyone that these tryouts were our first practices together as the U.S. National Teams; while we may not be moving on with everyone on a specific team, the whole group is a part of the national team. We will continue building, and I'm excited for the coming months."  

In all, 71 athletes were selected to the U.S. National Team in three gender-based divisions – men’s, mixed and women’s. These players are some of the world’s best and arguably represent the greatest collection of talent ever assembled. The final rosters were chosen after two weekends of tryouts that included more than 200 participants chosen by coaches from a pool of nearly 600 applicants. The team includes world champions, national champions, college champions, Callahan Award winners and more.  

The 2016 WUGC is the 14th edition of the tournament which dates back to 1983. Since its inception, the United States has won 35 medals: 25 gold, five silver and five bronze.  

This year’s incarnation will host 121 teams from 41 nations and feature five total divisions, including men’s and women’s masters. The U.S. will continue to be represented by the current national champions in those two divisions.

At the most recent WUGC, in Sakai, Japan in 2012, the U.S. National Team won three medals, a pair of golds in the men’s division and women’s masters division and a silver in the women’s division. 

2016 WFDF World Ultimate & Guts Championships
U.S. National Team
Mixed Division

Name City, State College Club Team
Erica Baken Ames, Iowa  Claremont   Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust 
Lucas Dallmann  San Mateo, Calif.  San Francisco State  San Francisco Revolver 
Khalif El-Salaam  Seattle, Wash.  University of Washington  Seattle Mixtape 
Ness Fajardo  San Francisco, Calif.  Northwestern  San Francisco Fury 
Carolyn Finney  Goleta, Calif.  UC-Santa Barbara  San Francisco Fury 
Jack Hatchett  Arlington, Mass.  Tufts  Boston Ironside 
Simon Higgins  Alameda, Calif.  Las Positas College  San Francisco Revolver 
Sarah Itoh  Springfield, Va.  George Mason  Washington, D.C. Scandal 
Kelly Johnson  Seattle, Wash.  North Park University  Seattle Riot 
Sandy Jorgensen  Washington, D.C.  University of Wisconsin  Washington, D.C. Scandal 
Sam Kanner  Berkeley, Calif.  Carleton College  San Francisco Revolver 
Eli Kerns  Alameda, Calif.  UC-Davis  San Francisco Revolver 
Reid Koss  Seattle, Wash.  Western Washington   Seattle Sockeye 
Jeff Loskorn  Austin, Texas  University of Texas  Austin Doublewide 
Becky Malinowski  Somerville, Mass.  University of Michigan  Boston Brute Squad 
Brett Matzuka  Kansas City, Mo.  North Carolina State  Chicago Machine 
Chris Mazur  Brooklyn, N.Y.  University of Miami  New York PoNY 
Jack McShane  Westminster, Colo.  University of Colorado  Boulder Love Tractor 
Sarah Meckstroth  Minneapolis, Minn.  University of Minnesota  Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust 
Becca Miller  Fort Collins, Colo.  Iowa State  Denver Molly Brown 
Raha Mozaffari  Philadelphia, Pa.  University of Pennsylvania  Philadelphia AMP 
Nicky Spiva  Washington, D.C.  Colorado College  Washington, D.C. Truck Stop 
Mac Taylor  Emeryville, Calif.  University of Colorado  San Francisco Blackbird 
Robyn Wiseman  Madison, Wis.  University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Madison Heist 


EricaBaken WUGC2016   LucasDallman WUGC2016   KhalifEl Salaam WUGC2016   NessFajardo WUGC2016
Erica Baken   Lucas Dallmann   Khalif El-Salaam   Ness Fajardo
CarolynFinney WUGC2016   JackHatchett WUGC2016   SimonHiggins WUGC2016   SarahItoh WUGC2016
Carolyn Finney   Jack Hatchett   Simon Higgins   Sarah Itoh
KellyJohnson WUGC2016   SandyJorgensen WUGC2016   SamKanner WUGC2016   EliKerns WUGC2016
Kelly Johnson   Sandy Jorgensen   Sam Kanner   Eli Kerns
ReidKoss WUGC2016   JeffLoskorn WUGC2016   BeckyMalinowski WUGC2016   BrettMatzuka WUGC2016
Reid Koss   Jeff Loskorn   Becky Malinowski   Brett Matzuka
ChrisMazur WUGC2016   JackMcShane WUGC2016   SarahMeckstroth WUGC2016   BeccaMiller WUGC2016
Chris Mazur   Jack McShane   Sarah Meckstroth   Becca Miller
RahaMozaffari WUGC2016   NickySpiva WUGC2016   MacTaylor WUGC2016   RobynWiseman WUGC2016
Raha Mozaffari   Nicky Spiva   Mac Taylor   Robyn Wiseman

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