Two New Discs Approved for Championship-Level Competition

Posted: August 20, 2015 09:26 AM

Third Discraft Mold, Yikun UltiPro Pass Athlete Tests

Colorado Springs, Colo. (August 20, 2015)—Athletes approved two additional discs for USA Ultimate championship-level competition, the national governing body for the sport of ultimate in the United States announced today.

The Discraft UltraStar, Web Mold II – Hot Stamp and the Yikun Sports UltiPro both were granted championship-level approval by a 50-person Flight Test Pool comprised of geographically diverse male and female athletes in USA Ultimate’s college and club divisions.  The comprehensive testing process is designed to evaluate submissions based on parameters determined by the Disc Standards Working Group.

The approval of these two discs brings the total of USA Ultimate championship-approved discs to seven – five of which are manufactured by Discraft with a variety of molds and printing processes.

Ultimate players also grant other levels of approval, including general and youth levels.

The current list of approved discs include:


Manufacturer Model Mold Print Process
Daredevil Gamedisc N/A N/A
Discraft UltraStar Web Hot Stamp
Discraft UltraStar Web Supercolor Center
Discraft UltraStar Web II Hot Stamp
Discraft UltraStar Westland Hot Stamp
Discraft UltraStar Westland Supercolor Center
Yikun UltiPro N/A N/A


Manufacturer Model Mold Print Process
Discraft UltraStar Web Full Supercolor
Discraft UltraStar Westland Full Supercolor
Innova Pulsar N/A N/A
EuroDisc Ultimate Standard N/A N/A



Manufacturer Model Mold Print Process
Daredevil U-12 Ultimate N/A N/A
Discraft J*Star N/A N/A


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