Schedule Set for 2014 D-I College Championships

Posted: May 13, 2014 09:11 AM

Boulder, Colo. (May 13, 2014) – USA Ultimate, the national governing body for the sport of ultimate in the United States, announced today the schedule and seeding for the 2014 Division I College Championships. The event, hosted by the Cincinnati Ultimate Players Association, will be held in Mason, Ohio, May 23-26.

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Each year, thousands of athletes across hundreds of teams participate in the College Championship Series. In all, 4 teams will be making their D-I College Championship debuts: Eastern Michigan, Rutgers, Victoria, Western Washington.

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Men's Division

(Scoreboard / Schedule PDF)


Women's Division

(Scoreboard / Schedule PDF)

1 Colorado SC1   1 Ohio State OV1 
2 Pittsburgh OV1   2 Oregon NW1
3 Texas SC2   3 Central Florida SE1
4 Oregon NW1   4 Washington NW2
5 North Carolina-Wilmington AC1   5 California-Santa Barbara SW1
6 North Carolina AC2   6 Carleton College NC1
7 Texas A&M SC3   7 Stanford SW2
8 Harvard NE1   8 Michigan GL1
9 Florida SE1    9 Whitman NW3
10 Florida State SE2   10 British Columbia NW4
11 Michigan GL1   11 Western Washington NW5
12 Wisconsin NC1   12 Victoria NW6
13 California-San Diego SW1   13 Virginia AC1
14 Central Florida SE3   14 Tufts NE1
15 Tufts NE2   15 Northeastern NE2
16 Carleton College NC2   16 UCLA SW3
17 Eastern Michigan GL2   17 Kansas SC1
18 Dartmouth NE3   18 Colorado College SC2
19 Massachusetts NE4   19 Colorado SC3
20 Rutgers ME1   20 Cornell ME1


Men's Division - Pools

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
A1  Colorado B1  Pittsburgh C1  Texas D1  Oregon
A2 Harvard B2 Texas A&M C2 North Carolina D2 UNC-Wilmington
A3 Wisconsin B3 Michigan C3 Florida State D3 Florida
A4 California-San Diego B4 Central Florida C4 Tufts D4 Carleton College
A5 Eastern Michigan B5 Dartmouth C5 Massachusetts D5 Rutgers


Women's Division - Pools

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
A1  Ohio State B1  Oregon C1  Central Florida D1  Washington
A2 Michigan B2 Stanford C2 Carleton College D2 UC-Santa Barbara
A3 Victoria B3 Western Washington C3 British Columbia D3 Whitman
A4 Virginia B4 Tufts C4 Northeastern D4 UCLA
A5 Kansas B5 Colorado College C5 Colorado D5 Cornell


Broadcast Schedule

In addition to the ESPN3 and ESPNU broadcasts of the semifinals and finals, NGN will be broadcasting the following games:*

Friday, May 23

  • 12:30pm: Oregon (2) vs. Stanford (7) (W)
  • 2:30pm: Texas (3) vs. North Carolina (6) (M)
  • 4:30pm: Washington (4) vs. UC-Santa Barbara (5) (W)

Saturday, May 24

  • 8:30am: Colorado (1) vs. Wisconsin (12) (M)
  • 12:30pm: Oregon (4) vs. Carleton College (16) (M)
  • 2:30pm: Carleton College (6) vs. British Columbia (10) (W)
  • 5:00pm: Women’s Prequarterfinal Game (Teams TBD)

Sunday, May 25

  • 8:30am: Men’s Quarterfinal (Teams TBD)

* all times EDT


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