Poll #1 Results - Who is Going to Win?

Posted: May 28, 2010 08:17 AM
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Who is going to win the 2010 USA Ultimate College Championships?


Poll #1 Results

Open Division

poll1 open 

 Why will they win?

(States shown in the maps below represent states with a majority of responses predicting victory for those teams) 


poll1 O OR

"Oregon will win because it is an incredibly deep team with a chip on its shoulder.  Oregon has bested Carleton at Vegas, and after watching/playing against Wisco at CCC and Easterns, Wisconsin doesn't seem to be any better than last year's team that went out in the quarters.  Florida could give Ego a run for its money, but the Gators' still-tight rotation could haunt them later in the tournament.  I can also see Janin and company easily implementing defensive schemes to prevent Brodie, Cole, and Chribson from hucking to each other.  And no one outside the top four can make enough noise to make it to the final."
  -- Ian, Williamsville NY

"Because of their domination throughout the year, especially through the series"
  -- Nial, Olympia WA

"Most dominate regular season of any team and previous 2009 season's disappointments lit a serious fire under their asses."
  -- Luke, Chicago IL

"They are gentlemen."
-- Tim, Omaha NE



Carleton College

poll1 O Carleton

'Oregon has looked good for most of the season, but I still like the experience of Carleton.  They have most of the team back from last year that picked apart Mamabird last year, and I think they're still hungry for another title.  Lindsley, Kanner, and Kossedner lead an offense that is as good as any, and if they can find their mojo like they did last year, they'll be almost unstoppable.  At Sectionals and Regionals, they seemed to have found it as they allowed less than ten breaks in the two tournaments combined.  Granted they weren't playing against Oregon or Colorado, but that's still and unbelievable offensive efficiency against some very good teams like Wisconsin and Minnesota."  
  -- Matt, Exeter NH

"Carleton will dominate with their speed and fundamentals"
  -- Kyle, Atlanta GA

"2 peat baby they want it!" 
  -- David, Milwaukee WI



poll1 O CO

"Colorado, because i have seen their insane players and determination."
  -- Jake, Boulder CO



Women's Division


poll1 womens 


Why will they win?



poll1 W OR

"Teams will be unable to compete with Fugue because they will be too blinded by the yellow monstrosities that are Oregon's uniforms." 
  -- Donny, Providence RI

"Eugene is dominant." 
  -- David, Spokane WA

"They too are the most dominate this season with only one major loss to rival wisconsin.  As long as they can secure that game if it takes place, they will take it." 
  -- Luke, Chicago IL 

"Have alot of fans" 
  -- Jake, Boulder CO 



poll1 W WI

"Home field advantage"
  -- Tim, Omaha NE

"Strong season with wins over number one seed, Oregon" 
  -- David, Madison WI

"No one can stop Georgia Bosscher" 
  -- Kyle, Atlanta GA


California-Santa Barbara

poll1 W UCSB
"While UCSB isn't a clear cut favorite going into the championships, they have been performing below their ability most of this season. Their Callahan nominee will be back for this tournament after suffering a lacerated liver prior to sectionals. They also got a wakeup call by losing in the SW regional finals to USC on double game point. That loss will allow them to refocus in Madison this weekend." 
  -- Simon, CA