Revolver wins the Open 2011 Club Championship

Posted: October 31, 2011 06:26 PM


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The Title Stays in the Bay

The conditions at Sunday morning’s USAU Club Championship Open final had to make Revolver feel right at home, as they seemed eerily reminiscent of your average Bay Area day: the air was cool, the sun was out, and a moderate-to-stiff wind graced the Sarasota Polo Club fields.

The second point of the final set the bar high for Revolver’s defensive unit.  After the pull was centered to Ironside handler Matt Rebholz, Jon Levy continued the stellar defensive performance that he displayed all tournament long by laying out on the mark to generate a huge point block that would lead to Revolver’s first break.  Cassidy Rasmussen was one of the stars for Revolver’s offensive line in the first half, cutting well and showcasing his speed and deep-threat capability.  Ironside’s defensive assignments worked hard, but they could not disrupt Robbie Cahill’s rhythm, and Revolver took half 8-5.

Club11 D4R1 Wu (4)
[PHOTO CREDIT: Brandon Wu, (full coverage)]

The second half provided tougher wind to throw through, and as a result, turnovers increased and points became longer.  Boston Coach Josh McCarthy was the first to utilize junky, zone defense in the game, and it tested the patience and throwing skill of Revolver’s offensive unit.  One important hold demanded that Revolver complete dozens of short throws before scoring, and another junk point saw a Bart Watson cross-field, zone-breaking flick sail over the head of Josh Wiseman.

Mark Sherwood, instrumental in Revolver’s semifinal victory over Doublewide by shutting down Brodie Smith, fought all game long in an excellent matchup with Callahan winner and starting Boston cutter George Stubbs.  Both players got the best of each other on different points, with layout and skying goal grabs that thrilled fans and teammates alike.  Stubbs’ performance and on-field work ethic were treats to watch all weekend, as he effectively battled through tough marks from Sherwood, Chain Lightning’s Peter Dempsey, and others.

Club11 D4R1 Wu (15)
[PHOTO CREDIT: Brandon Wu, (full coverage)]

Revolver’s junk looks gave Ironside’s offensive line fits, as well.  Revolver’s zone was more aggressive than the junk set Ironside saw against Chain Lightning, where Jasper Hoitsma and Josh "Cricket" Markette were able to work the disc quickly and easily down the field.  In man and junk defensive calls, Revolver also mimicked Chain’s tactic of trapping Ironside cutters on the sidelines, and this strategy not only intimidated players less comfortable with pivoting around/through aggressive marks, but it also forced tough reset throws that resulted in costly turnovers.

Club11 D4R1 Wu (5)
[PHOTO CREDIT: Brandon Wu, (full coverage)]

For the second year in a row, Revolver bested Ironside 15-10 in the Open championship.  Revolver’s depth and focus went unparalleled throughout the tournament.  If all of their leaders can return next year, we could see Revolver fighting for a three-peat.

Notes and Observations:


  • Revolver handler Adam "Chicken" Simon had two silver medals heading into the final, with one of them coming from the 2010 season when he played on Ironside
    • This club gold medal is the first of Simon’s career
  • Eleven of the last twelve open club champions have come from the West coast
    • Chain Lightning’s title in 2009 is the only East coast championship during that time



Full Results
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Club11 D4R1 Wu (10)
[PHOTO CREDIT: Brandon Wu, (full coverage)]


Final Standings:
1 - Revolver
2 - Ironside
3T - Chain Lightning
3T - Doublewide
5 - Ring of Fire
6 - Southpaw
7 - Madison Club
8 - GOAT
9 - Machine
10 - Truck Stop
11 - Johnny Bravo
12 - Oakland
13 - Furious George
14 - Condors
15 - Sub Zero
16 - Tanasi