New Coaching Requirements Announced by USA Ultimate

Posted: April 12, 2012 06:09 PM

Today, USA Ultimate announced new coaching requirements and a new streamlined coaching system.  

These requirements are designed to further align USA Ultimate with the evolving national standards/guidelines on youth safety, align the Coach Membership with the Coaching Development Program, and provide Ultimate coaches with further recognition and opportunities in their field.

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Youth Sport Safety

USA Ultimate now requires, effective immediately, that every USAU coach, whether through the purchase of a coach membership or through the certification program, obtain a Green Light background check through the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) and sign the USA Ultimate Coaching Ethics Code. This new requirement establishes that every coach member and certified coach in USA Ultimate has been screened and has agreed to a high level of professional coaching standards. Parents of Ultimate players will be assured that a USA Ultimate coach has passed a thorough background screen and has agreed to the high ethical standards of USA Ultimate’s Code of Conduct.

Current USA Ultimate coach members and certified coaches will receive communication regarding next steps in the coming days.

How does the process work?

  • New coach members will be required to obtain a Green-Light check before joining or renewing as a coach or coach/player member.
  • Coaches must read and agree to the Coaching Ethics Code as part of the current NCSI Background check process.


Streamlined Coaching Levels

The Coach Membership becomes a base level of coaching certification for all USAU coaches.  As a benefit, Coach Members can now roster with their team as a recognized coach.

At this point, identifying a team coach is not a requirement for teams attending USAU sanctioned events. However, coach members can be listed on the roster and receive important benefits.

Additional benefits that come with the Coach Membership:

  • Coaches will be offered full recognition on the official roster. This will streamline Coach of the Year nominations, sideline access, and communication from HQ.
  • As identified and screened coaches, coach members can better protect themselves, reducing their personal risk and liability by being officially recognized as a USA Ultimate coach on a sideline.
  • Coach members will receive a $20 Discount on all USAU Coaching Development Program workshops, presented by Five Ultimate.

  • Any USAU member may continue to participate in a Coaching Development Program workshop and receive the benefits associated with the workshop. A Coach-level membership will be required for final certification.
CDPUSAUltimate logo 3Spot web   The USAU Coaching Development program is currently in its ninth year of certifying coaches. Five Ultimate has been prominent in the program’s success, supporting the program and outfitting coaches with CDP gear and coaching bags.  Discraft and The Wright Life have been integral sponsors of the CDP’s operations.