Likewise Skincare MVP Winners at the 2011 Club Championships

Posted: November 3, 2011 09:57 AM

Congratulations to the Likewise Skincare MVPs from the 2011 Club Championships:

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The Ultimate community nominated the seven finalists for each division, and the winners were determined by players and specators at the 2011 Club Championships.  The Ultimate community also was asked to predict the MVPs, and for each division a Likewise Skincare gift basket winner has been drawn from those who correctly predicted the MVPs.  

Greg Husak, Beyondors (Masters)

LikewiseClub11 M winner   LikewiseClub11 M finalists

Masters Division Finalists:
  • Greg Husak (Beyondors)
  • Alex de Froneville (DoG)
  • Arnold Sanchez (DoG)
  • Jim Parinella (DoG)
  • Andrew Lugsdin (Wheelchair)
  • Damien Scott (Wheelchair)
  • Ron Kubalanza (Wheelchair)


Emily Baecher, Slow White (Mixed)

LikewiseClub11 X winner

(Note: Emily was unable to attend the presentation, so a teammate accepted on her behalf)
  LikewiseClub11 X finalists

Mixed Division Finalists:
  • Tyler Grant (Blackbird)
  • John Korber (District 5)
  • An-Chi Tsou (Polar Bears)
  • Jimmy Chu (Polar Bears)
  • Emily Baecher (Slow White)
  • Jeff Graham (The Ghosts)
  • Chelsea Putnam (Wolverines)



Dylan Tunnell, Chain Lightning (Open)

LikewiseClub11 O winner   LikewiseClub11 O finalists

Open Division Finalists:
  • Dylan Tunnell (Chain Lightning)
  • Brodie Smith (Doublewide)
  • Kurt Gibson (Doublewide)
  • George Stubbs (Ironside)
  • Bart Watson (Revovler)
  • Beau Kittredge (Revolver)
  • Robbie Cahill (Revolver)


Gwen Ambler, Riot (Women's)

LikewiseClub11 W winner   LikewiseClub11 W finalists

Women's Division Finalists:
  • Dory Ziperstein (Brute Squad)
  • Anne Mercier (Capitals)
  • Alex Snyder (Fury)
  • Alicia White (Fury)
  • Georgia Bosscher (Fury)
  • Gwen Ambler (Riot)
  • Octavia Payne (Scandal)

Here are some additional shots of the fun and games that were had at the Likewise Skincare booth:

LikewiseClub11 voting
LikewiseClub11 dunk tank

LikewiseClub11 team likewise

Intense voting at the Likewise Skincare booth [top]

Fun at the dunk tank [bottom left]

Meet the Likewise Skincare team! [bottom right]