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Posted: September 6, 2012 12:46 PM

USA Ultimate's first official club regular season is in the books as Drag'n Thrust, Ironside, and Fury ended atop the rankings to claim regular season titles in the Mixed, Open, and Women's Divisions.  

Now the real excitement begins as the field of over 600 teams begin their quest to win the 2012 USA Ultimate Club Championships October 25-28 in Sarasota, FL.  

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Mixed, Open and Women's Divisions


Masters Division


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This news item will be updated each week throughout the series as teams battle to see who will advance to the next stage and who will stay home.

2012 Club Series (Mixed, Open, Women's)

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Sep 08-09, 15-16, 22-23
Sep 29-30, Oct 06-07
Oct 25-28


Date Div Region Location Event Winner
Sep 08-09 O GL Chicago, IL Central Plains Open Sectionals Machine
Sep 08-09 O MA Stafford, VA Capital Open Sectionals Truck Stop
Sep 08-09 O MA Freehold, NJ Founders Open Sectionals Oakland
Sep 08-09 O NC St. Louis, MO West Plains Open Sectionals Prairie Fire
Sep 08-09 O NW Bozeman, MT Big Sky Open Sectionals The Ghosts
Sep 08-09 O NW Portland, OR Oregon Open Sectionals Rhino
Sep 08-09 O SE East Point, GA East Coast Open Sectionals Chain Lightning
Sep 08-09 W GL Chicago, IL Central Plains Women's Sectionals Nemesis
Sep 08-09 W MA Catonsville, MD Capital Women's Sectionals Scandal
Sep 08-09 W MA Philadelphia, PA Founders Women's Sectionals Green Means Go
Sep 08-09 W NC St. Louis, MO West Plains Women's Sectionals RevoLOUtion
Sep 08-09 W SE East Point, GA East Coast Women's Sectionals Ozone
Sep 08-09 W SE St.Petersburg, FL Florida Women's Sectionals Tabby Rosa
Sep 08 X SW Honolulu, HI Hawaii Mixed Sectionals Sweet Ride
Sep 08-09 X MA Stafford, VA Capital Mixed Sectionals Ambiguously Grey
Sep 08-09 X MA Wilmington, DE Founders Mixed Sectionals AMP
Sep 08-09 X NC Ames, IA West Plains Mixed Sectionals panIC
Sep 08-09 X NW Portland, OR Oregon Mixed Sectionals Engine 45
Sep 08-09 X SE East Point, GA East Coast Mixed Sectionals Southern Revival
Sep 08-09 X SE New Orelans Gulf Coast Mixed Sectionals N.O.P.P.
Sep 08-09 X SE Greenfield, NC North Carolina Mixed Sectionals Cahoots
Sep 08-09 W SE Durham, NC North Carolina Women's Sectionals Phoenix
Sep 09 W SW Palo Alto, CA Nor Cal Women's Sectionals Fury
Sep 15 W NE Rochester, NY Upstate New York Women's Sectionals Capitals
Sep 15 W NW Portland, OR Oregon Women's Sectionals Schwa
Sep 15-16 O GL Versailles, OH East Plains Open Sectionals Mad Cow
Sep 15-16 O NC Maple Plain, MN Northwest Plains Open Sectionals Sub Zero
Sep 15-16 O NE Middletown, NY Metro New York Open Sectionals PoNY
Sep 15-16 O NE Rochester, NY Upstate New York Open Sectionals GOAT
Sep 15-16 O NE Quechee, VT West New England Open Sectionals Dark or Light
Sep 15-16 O NW Burlington, WA Washington Open Sectionals Sockeye
Sep 15-16 O SE Gainesville, FL Florida Open Sectionals Florida United
Sep 15-16 O SE Tuscaloosa, AL Gulf Coast Open Sectionals Ironmen
Sep 15-16 O SE Greenville, NC North Carolina Open Sectionals Cash Crop
Sep 15-16 O SW Palo Alto, CA Nor Cal Open Sectionals Revolver
Sep 15-16 O SW Scottsdale, AZ So Cal Open Sectionals Sprawl
Sep 15-16 W GL Versailles, OH East Plains Women's Sectionals Disc-OH
Sep 15-16 W NC Maple Plain, MN Northwest Plains Women's Sectionals Heist
Sep 15-16 W NE Middletown, NY Metro New York Women's Sectionals Bent
Sep 15-16 W NE Hanover, NH West New England Women's Sectionals Storm
Sep 15-16 W NW Burlington, WA Washington Women's Sectionals Traffic
Sep 15-16 W SE Tuscaloosa, AL Gulf Coast Women's Sectionals hot box
Sep 15-16 X GL South Bend, IN Central Plains Mixed Sectionals Interrobang!
Sep 15-16 X GL Versailles, OH East Plains Mixed Sectionals Overhaul
Sep 15-16 X NC Maple Plain, MN Northwest Plains Mixed Sectionals Drag'n Thrust
Sep 15-16 X NE Devens, MA East New England Mixed Sectionals The Ghosts
Sep 15-16 X NE Middletown, NY Metro New York Mixed Sectionals 7Express
Sep 15-16 X NE Burnt Hills, NY Upstate New York Mixed Sectionals Destructors
Sep 15-16 X NE Hanover, NH West New England Mixed Sectionals Odyssée
Sep 15-16 X NW Anchorage, AK Alaska Mixed Sectionals Cannon Fodder
Sep 15-16 X NW Missoula, MT Big Sky Mixed Sectionals Golden Spike
Sep 15-16 X NW Burlington, WA Washington Mixed Sectionals Eats, throws & leaves
Sep 15-16 X SE Gainesville, FL Florida Mixed Sectionals Sabre Corp
Sep 15-16 O SC Tulsa, OK Ozark Open Sectionals Boys Named Sue
Sep 15-16 O SC Denver, CO Rocky Mountain Open Sectionals Johnny Bravo
Sep 15-16 O SC College Station, TX Texas Open Sectionals Doublewide
Sep 15-16 W SC Denver, CO Rocky Mountain Women's Sectionals Molly Brown
Sep 15-16 W SC College Station, TX Texas Women's Sectionals Showdown
Sep 15-16 X SC Fayetteville, AR Ozark Mixed Sectionals Robot Unicorn Attack
Sep 15-16 X SC Denver, CO Rocky Mountain Mixed Sectionals Love Tractor
Sep 15-16 X SC College Station, TX Texas Mixed Sectionals Cosa Nostra
Sep 22-23 O NE Brunswick, ME East New England Open Sectionals Ironside
Sep 22-23 W NE Bowdoin College, MA East New England Women's Sectionals Brute Squad
Sep 22-23 X SW Palo Alto, CA Nor Cal Mixed Sectionals Polar Bears
Sep 22-23 X SW Long Beach, CA So Cal Mixed Sectionals On the Rocks
Sep 22-23 W SW Long Beach, CA So Cal Women's Sectionals Safari
Sep 29-30 O MA Poolesville, MD Mid-Atlantic Open Regionals 1 - Truck Stop
Sep 29-30 X MA Poolesville, MD Mid-Atlantic Mixed Regionals 1 - AMP
Sep 29-30 O GL Rockford, IL Great Lakes Open Regionals 1 - Machine
Sep 29-30 O NC Maple Plain, MN North Central Open Regionals 1 - Sub Zero
2 - Madison Club
Sep 29-30 O SC Round Rock, TX South Central Open Regionals 1 - Doublewide
2 - Johnny Bravo
Sep 29-30 O SE Orlando, FL Southeast Open Regionals 1 - Chain Lightning
2 - Ring of Fire
Sep 29-30 W GL Rockford, IL Great Lakes Women's Regionals 1 - Nemesis
Sep 29-30 W MA Poolesville, MD Mid-Atlantic Women's Regionals 1 - Scandal
2 - Hot Metal
Sep 29-30 W NC Maple Plain, MN North Central Women's Regionals 1 - Heist
Sep 29-30 W SC Round Rock, TX South Central Women's Regionals 1 - Molly Brown
2 - Showdown
Sep 29-30 W SE Orlando, FL Southeast Women's Regionals 1 - Phoenix
2 - Ozone
Sep 29-30 X GL Rockford, IL Great Lakes Mixed Regionals 1 - Overhaul
Sep 29-30 X NC Maple Plain, MN North Central Mixed Regionals 1 - Chad Larson Experience
2 - Drag'n Thrust
Sep 29-30 X SC Round Rock, TX South Central Mixed Regionals 1 - Cosa Nostra
Sep 29-30 X SE Orlando, FL Southeast Mixed Regionals 1 - Bucket
Sep 29-30 O NW Corvallis, OR Northwest Open Regionals 1 - Sockeye
2 - Furious George
3 - Rhino
Sep 29-30 W NW Corvallis, OR Northwest Women's Regionals 1 - Riot
2 - Traffic
3 - Schwa
4 - Underground
Sep 29-30 X NW Corvallis, OR Northwest Mixed Regionals 1 - Mental Toss Flycoons
Oct 06-07 O NE Devens, MA Northeast Open Regionals 1 - Ironside
2 - PoNY
3 - GOAT
Oct 06-07 O SW Ripon, CA Southwest Open Regionals 1 - Revolver
2 - Boost Mobile
Oct 06-07 W NE Devens, MA Northeast Women's Regionals 1 - Capitals
2 - Brute Squad
Oct 06-07 W SW Ripon, CA Southwest Women's Regionals 1 - Fury
2 - Nightlock
Oct 06-07 X NE Devens, MA Northeast Mixed Regionals 1 - The Ghosts
2 - Slow White
3 - Odyssée
4 - Wild Card
Oct 06-07 X SW Ripon, CA Southwest Mixed Regionals 1 - Polar Bears
2 - Mischief
3 - 7 Figures
4 - Blackbird
5 - American BBQ
Oct 25-28 O n/a Sarasota, FL Open Club Championships  
Oct 25-28 W n/a Sarasota, FL Women's Club Championships  
Oct 25-28 X n/a Sarasota, FL Mixed Club Championships  

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2012 Club Regular Season (Mixed, Open, Women's)

Congratulations to all the of tournament champions at 2012 club regular season sanctioned events.

At the end of the regular season, the rankings were run and the following teams ended the regular season as the #1 ranked teams.

Drag'n Thrust
(Minneapolis, MN)
(Boston, MA)
(San Francisco, CA)
2011ClubLogo DragNThrust    2011ClubLogo Ironside    2011ClubLogo Fury
Mixed Division Rankings   Open Division Rankings   Women's Division Rankings

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2012 Club Series (Masters)

The Club Masters Division starts at the Regional level, using the previous 6 region format (same as the USA Ultimate voting regions), with 12 teams advancing to the Club Championships (Masters Division).  The Masters registration deadline is September 14th at 5pm MT. 

ClubRegion CN  

Central Masters Regionals
September 29-30
Rockford, IL

1 - Surly
2 - Wasted Talent

  ClubRegion MA  

Mid-Atlantic Masters Regionals
September 29-30
Lewes, DE

1 - Boneyard
2 - Chesapeaked

ClubRegion NE  

Northeast Masters Regionals
October 6-7
Devens, MA

1 - No Country
2 - GLUM

  ClubRegion NW  

Northwest Masters Regionals
September 29-30
Corvallis, OR

1 - Burnside

ClubRegion SO  

South Masters Regionals
September 29-30
Orlando, FL

1 - Reckon
2 - Tejas

  ClubRegion SW  

Southwest Masters Regionals
October 6-7
Tempe, AZ

1 - Johnny Encore
2 - Crawl

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