Fifteen-Game Broadcast Schedule Set For 2014 U.S. Open

Posted: June 23, 2014 04:22 PM
ESPN, NexGen Combine for 30 Hours of Coverage From Season’s First Major Triple Crown Tour Event
Boulder, Colo. (June 23, 2014)—USA Ultimate announced today the broadcast schedule of 15 games from the upcoming U.S. Open Ultimate Championships, July 3-6 in Minnesota’s Twin Cities.
NexGen will be providing exclusive, live coverage from all seven rounds of the round-robin tournament, plus tape-delayed coverage of the semifinals. ESPN will again provide live coverage of four semifinal matchups and the three championship games.
2014 U.S. Open Broadcast Schedule
(All times EDT)
Thursday, July 3
10:00am Ironside (Boston) vs. Johnny Bravo (Denver)
12:15pm Sockeye (Seattle) vs. Clapham (United Kingdom)
2:30pm Scandal (Washington, D.C.) vs. Fury (San Francisco)
Friday, July 4
10:00am Johnny Bravo (Denver) vs.  Sockeye (Seattle)
12:15pm Riot (Seattle) vs. Iceni (United Kingdom)
2:30pm Revolver (San Francisco) vs. Ironside (Boston)
Saturday, July 5
10:00am Women’s Round-Robin (Round 7) - Teams TBD
1:00pm Mixed Semifinal #1 – Teams TBD
3:30pm Women’s Semifinal #1 – Teams TBD
4:30pm* Women’s Semifinal #2 – Teams TBD
* (available at 11:00pm on tape delay)
6:30pm Men’s Semifinal #1 – Teams TBD
9:00pm Men’s Semifinal #2 – Teams TBD
Sunday, July 6
12:00pm Mixed Championship Game – Teams TBD
2:30pm Women’s Championship Game – Teams TBD
5:00pm Men’s Championship Game – Teams TBD

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