Field Set for 2014 National Championships

Posted: September 29, 2014 11:17 AM

Forty-eight teams, including seven first-time qualifiers, have earned spots to compete for a National Championship October 16-19, in Frisco, Texas. Again hosted by the Dallas Ultimate Association, in conjunction with USA Ultimate, the National Championships will return for a second year to Frisco and the FC Dallas Toyota Soccer Center.

In addition to this year's Nationals qualifers, each region's Top Select team for the 2015 Triple Crown Tour is listed below.  Top Select teams receive an invitation to the 2015 Triple Crown Tour's Elite-Select Challenge.  Seeding for Nationals will be announced no later than Tuesday, Oct. 7. 


Men's Division

Region 2014 Nationals Qualifiers 2015 Top Select Team
Great Lakes 1 - Machine (Chicago, Ill.) High Five (Ann Arbor, Mich.)
Mid-Atlantic 1 - Truck Stop (Washington, D.C.)
2 - Temper (Pittsburgh, Pa.)*
Garden State Ultimate (Princeton, N.J.)
North Central 1 - Sub Zero (Minneapolis, Minn.)
2 - Prairie Fire (Kansas City, Kan.)*
Madison Club (Madison, Wis.)
Northeast 1 - Ironside (Boston, Mass.)
2 - GOAT (Toronto, Ont.)
3 - PoNY (New York, N.Y.)
Garuda (Boston, Mass.)
Northwest 1 - Sockeye (Seattle, Wash.)
2 - Rhino (Portland, Ore.)
3 - Furious George (Vancouver, B.C.)
PowderHogs (Salt Lake City, Utah)
South Central 1 - Johnny Bravo (Denver, Colo.)
2 - Doublewide (Austin, Texas)
Inception (Denver, Colo.)
Southeast 1 - Ring of Fire (Raleigh, N.C.)
2 - Chain Lightning (Atlanta, Ga.)
Omen (Orlando, Fla.)
Southwest 1 - Revolver (San Francisco, Calif.) Sprawl (Phoenix, Ariz.)

Mixed Division

Region 2014 Nationals Qualifiers 2015 Top Select Team
Great Lakes 1 - Santa Maria (Columbus, Ohio)* Steamboat (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Mid-Atlantic 1 - AMP (Philadelphia, Pa.) Ambiguous Grey (Washington, D.C.)
North Central 1 - Drag'N Thrust (Minneapolis, Minn.)
2 - Chad Larson Experience (Ames, Iowa)
NOISE (Madison, Wis.)
Northeast 1 - Slow White (Boston, Mass.)
2 - Wild Card (Boston, Mass.)
UNION (Toronto, Ont.)
Northwest 1 - D'oh! Abides (Seattle, Wash.)
2 - Seattle Mixed (Seattle, Wash.)*
3 - The Administrators (Portland, Ore.)*
Robot Twoniraffapus 3030 (Seattle, Wash.)
South Central 1 - Cosa Nostra (Austin, Texas) RUA (Fayetteville, Ark.)
Southeast 1 - Bucket (Atlanta, Ga.) Cahoots (Asheville, N.C.)
Southwest 1 - Blackbird (San Francisco, Calif.)
2 - Mischief (San Francisco, Calif.)
3 - 7 Figures (Los Angeles, Calif.)
4 - Polar Bears (San Francisco, Calif.)
5 - American BBQ (San Francisco, Calif.)
Dorado (San Diego, Calif.)

Women's Division

Region 2014 Nationals Qualifiers 2015 Top Select Team
Great Lakes 1 - Nemesis (Chicago, Ill.) Dish (Chicago, Ill.)
Mid-Atlantic 1 - Scandal (Washington, D.C.)
2 - Green Means Go (Philadelphia, Pa.)*
Hot Metal (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
North Central 1 - Heist (Madison, Wis.) Pop (Minneapolis, Minn.)
Northeast 1 - Brute Squad (Boston, Mass.)
2 - Capitals (Toronto, Ont.)
Bent (New York, N.Y.)
Northwest 1 - Riot (Seattle, Wash.)
2 - Traffic (Vancouver, B.C.)
3 - Schwa (Portland, Ore.)
4 - Underground (Seattle, Wash.)
Outlaw (Boise, Idaho)
South Central 1 - Molly Brown (Denver, Colo.)
2 - Showdown (Austin, Texas)
Maeve (Dallas, Texas)
Southeast 1 - Ozone (Atlanta, Ga.)
2 - Tabby Rosa (Gainesville, Fla.)*
Phoenix (Raleigh, N.C.)
Southwest 1 - Fury (San Francisco, Calif.)
2 - Nightlock (San Francisco, Calif.)
Viva (Los Angeles, Calif.)

* denotes first-time Nationals qualifer

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