Doublewide - First Time Club Champions

Posted: October 28, 2012 04:05 PM

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A New Era

As Rory Orloff reeled in the game winning pass from Cole Sullivan the feeling in the air was electric. There were ups and downs along the way, but Doublewide had completed the upset that very few thought was possible. 

The tone was set early in the game, as Doublewide’s Dalton Smith notched a layout D on Revolver’s opening offensive point. A couple of throws later and Doublewide was already on the board with a downwind break. From there they took off, disrupting the traditionally patient Revolver offense and showing poise and precision with the disc. Throughout the first half Doublewide’s Kevin Richardson’s aggressive mark prevented Revolver’s Robbie Cahill from starting the offense. Time and time again Cahill took his second or third option and Doublewide’s downfield defense made sure that Beau Kitteredge and Ashlin Joye had trouble establishing offensive flow. Up 8-5 at half, it looked like Doublewide might run away with it. 

2012Club D4 O3 Bell
[Photo Credit: Jeff Bell,]


However, as all good teams do, Revolver stuck around. With the score 11-7, Revolver went on a 4 point run fueled by huge defensive plays by Mark Sherwood and Mac Taylor. An incredible shoestring catch by Robbie Cahill in the upwind end zone evened the score, sending a hush through the Doublewide sideline and lighting up Revolver’s. That would be the last time that Revolver scored, though, as Doublewide lept back into action. A layout catch on a trailing huck by Andrew Walch led to the score that put Doublewide back in the lead. From there Doublewide used a combination of zone and man defenses to halt Revolver’s offense. Once they got turnovers, they were content to use Brodie Smith’s deep game to score upwind. With the score 14-11 the game came full circle as Dalton Smith D’ed a downwind huck and Doublewide marched up the field to score the winning goal. 

2012Club D4 O4 Bell
[Photo Credit: Jeff Bell,]



  • This is Doublewide’s first Club Championship title.
  • Doublewide is the only title winner in 2012 that did not win in 2011.
  • Dalton Smith is a first year player on Doublewide and is only 19 years old.
  • Both teams showed an ability to score upwind despite the 10-15 mph gusts.
  • Brodie Smith, Chris Gibson and Cole Sullivan were all teammates on the University of Florida’s 2010 championship team.


[Photo Credit: Jeff Bell,]

[Photo Credit: Jeff Bell,]

Final Standings:

1 - Doublewide
2 - Revolver
3T - Ironside
3T - Ring of Fire
5 - Machine
6 - GOAT
7T - Chain Lightning
7T - Sockeye
9 - Madison Club
10 - Rhino
11 - Furious George
12 - Johnny Bravo
13T - Sub Zero
13T - Truck Stop
15 - Boost Mobile
16 - PoNY

Team Spirit Scores: 

4.75 - Machine
4.71 - Boost Mobile
4.71 - Chain Lightning
4.71 - Sub Zero
4.43 - GOAT
4.43 - Revolver
4.43 - Ring of Fire
4.33 - Sockeye
4.29 - Madison Club
4.25 - Rhino
4.14 - Ironside
3.88 - Johnny Bravo
3.83 - Doublewide
3.57 - PoNY
3.50 - Truck Stop
3.29 - Furious George

Farricker Spirit Award: 

Martin Cochran, Revolver