DiscNW girls make it six in a row

Posted: August 16, 2010 12:14 PM


On day two of the YCC tournament all the girls faced a monster that would be tough to face. The winds are obviously what I am referring to, as they were reaching gusts of 25-30 mph making upwind a near impossible feat for the ladies. 
Round one was a game between MOXIE from Pittsburgh and Queen Anne’s Revenge (QAR) from North Carolina. Pittsburgh won the toss leading them to receive it and QAR to pull into the wind. This downwind advantage went back and forth between the teams not scoring up wind. This kept Pittsburgh in the lead until a triumphant team effort by QAR to charge it up field and take the lead for the first time making it 6-5. Using the wind at their backs as an advantage to stop MOXIE and take a two point lead with 7-5 to take half. Changing field position at half this kept the wind at QAR’s back letting them take an even bigger lead of 8-5. The game would finish with a back and forth scoring downwind bringing the final to 12-9 QAR’s first victory. Coaches for QAR were happy for their team and glad they learned from yesterday. 
Round two was the only round in which two games were played this being the semifinals. Belle from Cincinnati got another run at facing Minnesota Nice. Belle started with pulling upwind giving Minnesota Nice the downwind advantage and allowed for the start of a long back and forth battle of scoring down wind. With Minnesota’s lead with the first point they were able to continue the lead till the end. The final was 7-6 the lowest of the games scores for the day. 
The second game was QAR, off of their victory now, to face number one seed DISCNW from Seattle. QAR pulled it up wind, giving DISCNW a quick downwind point that would be followed by stopping QAR on their downwind point and stroll up wind to take a 2-0 lead. DISCNW played as if the wind was not even there able to move fast and as a team took a 5-0 lead. Player Savanna Ryan did not only shock us with her long hair, but with her ability to throw a flick upwind. As well as her position as nearly a free safety on defense keeping QAR out of the end zone. QAR was able to beat the cup DISCNW defense was using and put a point on the board to make it 5-1. DISCNW responded though quickly scoring to bring it to 6-1. The downwind points continued making half 7-2. DISCNW and QAR would alternate points for the rest of the game ending with a final score of 10-5. 
Round three represented the battle for third place. QAR and Belle, both off of a loss, would fight for the bronze. Belle pulled into the wind, which QAR jumped on and took the first point. The teams would alternate with downwind points to a tie of 3-3. Belle would not have another loss like against Minnesota Nice and trudged up the field in the wind to take their first lead 4-3. Following this with a stop and a quick point would make it 5-3. Belle scored a second up winder to take half later with a score of 7-4 after an hour and a half. With the soft cap called after point 5, the game was to 8. Belle used the downwind advantage to help score their last and final point of the tournament claiming third place. The girls had a great time win or loss and kept it clean all day with little injuries.
The final round was for the girls’ division champion. DISCNW vs. Minnesota Nice, DISCNW with an undefeated record and Minnesota Nice with only a loss to DISCNW in the second round of day one. The wind did not take a break though for this game. Seattle started the game with the pull which MN Nice took to score first going down wind. The teams alternated downwind points till 3-3 when DISCNW to a charge up the field with handler Savanna Ryan flicking the disc down field as if there was no wind.   Taking the upwind point DISCNW began their lead that would push them to a strong lead, as MN Nice was not able to march it up wind all game. DISCNW would get one more up winder to claim half with a score of 7-4. The second half would continue with alternating downwind points for a final score of 11-7. DISCNW’s player, Michaela Fallon, a senior going to Tufts University next year, was a big team asset scoring 3 of the teams’ points and getting physical and getting her share of D’s. MN Nice coach was happy with how the girls played and glad they got into the finals. That was his hope coming into the tournament and next year hopes to see gold.