College STAR Program Kicks Off!

Posted: September 14, 2011 06:29 PM

The first of our College STAR Program clinics will be held this weekend. RevoLOution will be leading a clinic at West Plains Women’s Sectionals; Fury, Zeitgeist, and Slackjaw will be leading a clinic at NorCal Women’s Sectionals; and Chain and Ozone will be leading a clinic at East Coast Open, Women’s, and Mixed Sectionals. Registration is being conducted online for all three clinics, and college players and club players alike are excited about the opportunities being offered. Please visit the College STAR Program landing page for more information about all of these clinics, and to see where other clinics are being offered.

West Plains STAR Clinic Coordinator Lindsey Gapstur said, "Being in the West Plains Section, we have the unique opportunity to reach several underdeveloped college programs. RevoLOUtion is made up of many older college players or recent graduates. We still have many connections to these teams, and this is just one simple way that we can give back. We are very excited to have to opportunity to share the skills we have learned with fellow ultimate players in our section." RevoLOUtion, a second year club team based out of St. Louis, draws heavily from college teams in the Central Region, and has a number of current college players and alums on their roster. RevoLOUtion has made maintaining a connection with local colleges and continuing to help grow ultimate in the region a priority.

Out west, all three club women’s teams in the Bay Area are teaming up to run a clinic this weekend. Headed by Zeitgeist alum Anna Nazarov, the planning team includes players from all three teams. Players will run stations together, and a local restaurant is catering in a free dinner for all involved. Fury player Manisha Daryani explained the Bay Area club teams’ desire to give back, saying, "The Bay Area is host to numerous college programs, be it national title contending programs or young, up-and-coming programs, and our teams recognize that this sport has and will continue to grow when club players take the time to spread their love for the game to young women, even if it means they'll likely be running us into the ground very soon!"

A third clinic is happening on the opposite coast under the direction of East Coast STAR Clinic Coordinator Kirsten Shell. A women’s clinic led by Ozone players will be offered Saturday afternoon, while an open clinic led by Chain players will be offered Sunday morning. Players from both teams are working together to offer this opportunity to local college players. Shell described her team’s excitement, "Ozone was very excited for the opportunity to lead a clinic with college players. As several of our teammates play at the college level, we understand the importance of molding players to fit our program, and fostering good relationships with local teams. Ozone has been growing women's ultimate in the south for 27 years, and we hope to continue to be a strong presence in the south and the nation for years to come."

With the second weekend of Sectionals just days away, hundreds of college players across the country have exciting learning opportunities to look forward to. Thank you to our STAR Coordinators and to RevoLOUtion, Fury, Zeitgeist, Slackjaw, Ozone, and Chain, for investing time and energy into these clinics. Stay tuned to the USA Ultimate website for more coverage in the coming weeks!