Club Division Athletes' Council Elections Just Around the Corner

Posted: October 10, 2016 09:58 AM

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Oct. 10, 2016)—Now that the 2016 Triple Crown Tour has concluded and the club season is over, the Club Division Athletes’ Council is set to add three new representatives through an upcoming election process.

Current club division teams and athletes should expect to hear more about the election process (including nomination procedures, candidate statements and the voting mechanism and timeline) from the council’s existing representatives.

The election will be wholly and independently administered by the Club Division Athletes’ Council.

Along with the three elite athlete seats on the USA Ultimate Board of Directors and the various volunteer-based working groups, the Club Division Athletes’ Council is one of the many ways ultimate players can participate in the decision-making process and governance of our sport. 

What is the Club Division Athletes’ Council?

The Club Division Athletes’ Council was created in 2013 and operates much like an Athletes’ Advisory Council – a structure common to amateur sport and the Olympic movement. 

The Club Division Athletes’ Council is led by six athlete representatives (two per competition division), who are elected by their peers to sit on the Club Division Working Group. 

These six player-elected individuals represent teams and athletes playing in USA Ultimate’s club division structure and are responsible for broadening communication between USA Ultimate and active club division participants. They also serve as a collective voice for club division teams and athletes and provide valuable input, ideas and feedback to USA Ultimate.

USA Ultimate regularly engages these representatives and relies on their experience and advice when making key decisions in support of USA Ultimate’s mission.

Currently, the Club Division Athletes’ Council consists of Tyler Kinley and Jack Marsh from the men’s division, Steve Sullivan and An-Chi Tsou from the mixed division, and Peri Kurshan and Charlie Mercer from the women’s division. 

This year’s election will determine a new representative for each competition division. 

Following the election, the council representatives will convene in Colorado Springs, Dec. 3-4, as part of USA Ultimate’s annual Competition Working Group meetings.  

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