Back to back for Blackbird - 2012 Mixed Champions

Posted: October 28, 2012 10:49 AM

Sunday recaps:

Mixed Scoreboard


On the morning of the Mixed Club Championships game, it was clear the wind would play a significant role in the outcome. Blackbird would look to work their solid upwind throws, while Polar Bears were switching up their lines to focus more on generating Ds going downwind. However, this game differed significantly from Friday’s power pool game, where these two had already faced off, and traded points until a late run by Blackbird.

2012Club D4 X2 Leclaire
[Photo Credit: Kevin Leclaire,]


On Sunday morning, Blackbird went up quickly, scoring break after break to make the game 4-0. The Polar Bears were working very hard to stay focused but they couldn’t seem to string enough throws together to maintain possession. Though Blackbird was playing intense defense with especially fired up marks, it seemed as if the Polar Bears had lost one of their strengths that had made them successful all weekend: their throws in the wind. Blackbird capitalized on every turnover from the Bears, and as the gap in scores increased, so did Blackbird’s excitement. Though the Polar Bears were able to clean up their game to begin trading downwind points, they would be unable to score enough to stop the Blackbird momentum. At 12-8, Blackbird scored another upwind break and wouldn’t look back, rolling on to win the game 15-9. 

Congratulations to the USA Ultimate Club Champions for the second year in a row, San Francisco Blackbird! 
2012Club D4 X1 Leclaire
[Photo Credit: Kevin Leclaire,]
[Photo Credit: Kevin Leclaire,] 

[Photo Credit: Kevin Leclaire,] 

Final Standings:

1 - Blackbird
2 - Polar Bears
3T - Drag'n Thrust
3T - Mischief
5 - Cosa Nostra
6 - Odyssee
7T - Chad Larson Experience
7T - The Ghosts
9 - Bucket
10 - Slow White
11 - American BBQ
12 - 7 Figures
13 - Overhaul
14 - AMP
15 - Wild Card
16 - Mental Toss Flycoons

Team Spirit Scores: 

4.50 - Mental Toss Flycoons
4.29 - Wild Card
4.25 - American BBQ
4.14 - Polar Bears
4.00 - The Ghosts
3.88 - Slow White
3.86 - AMP
3.86 - Odyssee
3.83 - Bucket
3.83 - Chad Larson Experience
3.75 - Mischief
3.57 - Drag'n Thrust
3.43 - 7 Figures
3.43 - Overhaul
3.38 - Cosa Nostra
3.29 - Blackbird