And Then There Were Two: Open Division Day 3 Recap

Posted: May 28, 2012 08:38 AM




Oregon’s firepower proved too much for Luther’s top line to handle, and similarly, Pittsburgh En Sabah Nur dominated Minnesota Grey Duck.  The Central Florida Dogs of War played Carleton close early before Simon Montague led CUT on 5-1 run that helped CUT take half 8-4 and win 15-7.

Tufts broke to an early lead against the Hodags and eventually took half 8-7.  Tied 10-10 in the soft cap, Tufts received and dropped a sure goal that would have put the E-men up 11-10.  Wisconsin marched down the field and broke to go up 11-10, and then the Hodags broke again to win 12-10.


Carleton and Pitt came into their semifinal bout relatively fresh, having disposed of their quarterfinals opponents quickly and easily.  Pittsburgh looked somewhat shell-shocked in the first half, trying to move the disc too quickly after breaking through Carleton zone and junk looks (and subsequently turning the disc over).  Carleton’s D-line offense punished these turns and vaulted CUT to an 8-3 halftime lead.  In the second half, Pittsburgh stepped up its defensive intensity behind the inspired play of Julian Hausman and freshman Trent Dillon.  Pittsburgh’s defensive team also capitalized more efficiently on its break chances, much like CUT did in the first half.  After a completely unexpected 9-2 comeback run, En Sabah Nur clinched a finals berth by winning 14-12 in the hard cap.

In a reversal of what everyone expected, Wisconsin came out guns blazing against Ego, breaking three straight times (from 5-4) to take half, 8-4.  Brian Hart outperformed Camden Allison-Hall in a series of surprising one-on-one Wisconsin victories, while Thomas Coolidge had a breakout game reminiscent of Colin Camp’s semifinals performance last year.  The flashy Oregon offense faltered in substantial winds, as discs knuckled just out of reach of open receivers and decision making deteriorated as the game progressed.  Persistence and endzone patience earned the Hodags their second consecutive finals appearance.

Looking Ahead

In four of the last ten college seasons, the national runner up has come back and taken the title the following year; after this afternoon’s incredible defensive performance, it would be no surprise if Wisconsin made it five of eleven.  Pittsburgh has already reached a major milestone in the program’s history by clinching its first ever finals berth.  As long as strong winds do not ruin the contest by turning it into a punting/field position game, Pittsburgh should stand more than a fighting a chance, as they hold the edges in offensive prowess and break efficiency.



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