Thirty-seven Participate in Annual Competition Working Group Planning Meeting

Posted: December 9, 2015 11:11 AM
Reports and Announcements Forthcoming on Youth Development & Competition, Triple Crown Tour, College and Beach Divisions.   
Colorado Springs, Colo. (Dec. 9, 2015)—This past weekend in Aurora, Colo., USA Ultimate’s Competition Working Group gathered for its annual December meeting to collaborate, discuss and plan future development and competition ideas and initiatives.
Over the course of the two-day retreat, 10 USA Ultimate staff members who oversee different aspects of the national governing body’s competition and athlete programs and 27 of the organization’s key volunteers broke out into small groups to work through agendas ranging from youth outreach and development, youth competition, the Triple Crown Tour, the college division and beach ultimate.
The meeting wrapped up with final presentations from each group to provide an overview of the topics that were discussed, decisions that were made and a course of action for ideas and changes that require additional input from the ultimate community.
In the coming weeks, USA Ultimate will provide a comprehensive recap from each department along with any changes that were made or considerations for the future.
USA Ultimate thanks each and every volunteer who participated in the weekend’s activities for their time, passion, energy and knowledge, including:
Youth Outreach Working Group
Dan Raabe (Manager, Youth & Education Programs)
Sarah Powers (Coordinator, Youth & Education Programs)
Heather Ann Brauer (Chair, Girls’ Ultimate Movement)
Claire Chastain (National Outreach Director)
Rachel Johnson (National Girls' Outreach Director)
Youth Competition Working Group
Connor Maloney (Manager, Youth Competition & Athlete Programs)
Alyssa Kelly (West Regional Youth Director)
Christie Lawry (Northeast Regional Youth Director)
Fran Kelley (Central Regional Youth Director)
Jonathan Nethercutt (South Regional Youth Director)
College Working Group
Ty Krajec (Manager, College Competition & Athlete Programs)
Tom Manewitz (Manager, College Competition & Athlete Programs)
Amy Hudson (National Developmental Director)
Jeff Kula (National Men’s College Director)
Kevin Kula (National Division III College Director)
Beth Nakamura (National Women’s College Director)
Club Working Group
Ernest Toney (Manager, Club Competition & Athlete Programs)
Carolyn Finney (National Women’s Director)
Adam Goff (National Men’s Director)
Tyler Kinley (Men’s Athletes’ Council Representative)
Dave Klink (National Mixed Director)
Peri Kurshan (Women’s Athletes’ Council Representative)
Jack Marsh (Men’s Athletes’ Council Representative)
Charlie Mercer (Women’s Athletes’ Council Representative)
Remy Schor (National Mixed Director)
Steve Sullivan (Mixed Athletes’ Council Representative)
An-Chi Tsou (Mixed Athletes’ Council Representative)
Beach Working Group
Byron Hicks (Manager, Events)
Kimberly Beach (Atlantic Regional Beach Director)
Becky LeDonne (Great Lakes Regional Beach Director)
Sean McCall (Gulf Regional Beach Director)
Keegan Uhl (Pacific Regional Beach Director)
Other Participants
Matthew Bourland (Manager, New Media)
Will Deaver (Managing Director, Competition & Athlete Programs)
David Raflo (Manager, Events)

CompWG 15

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