2017 USA Ultimate Elections Now Underway, Vote Through Nov. 16

Posted: November 7, 2017 10:01 AM

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Nov. 7, 2017) – The 2017 USA Ultimate Board of Directors elections are currently underway, and all eligible members are encouraged to learn more about the candidates and vote.

This year, there are two elections – an at-large election in which all current USA Ultimate members in good standing are eligible to vote, and an elite-athlete election in which only members defined as elite athletes may vote. 

There are currently two seats available in the at-large election with four candidates running: Harvey Edwards, Tyler Kinley, Kurt Kuelz and Josh Seamon. To learn more about these candidates, read their election statements and the recent Q&A candidates conducted with USA Ultimate members. 

In the elite-athlete election, Kurt Gibson and Robyn Wiseman are vying for the lone seat. View their candidate statements and check out USA Ultimate’s Facebook page beginning Wednesday, Nov. 8 for a Q&A with the elite-athlete candidates.

Elections run through 5:00 p.m. MT, Thursday, Nov. 16.


Voting is easy. Just follow this simple six-step process:

1. Go to https://play.usaultimate.org/members/login/.

2. Login to your account.

3. Click on the "Voting" icon.

4. Choose the election in which you wish to vote (at-large or elite athlete).
*If you are not an elite athlete as defined by Section 5.6 of USA Ultimate’s Bylaws, you will not be given the option to vote in the elite-athlete election.  

5. Follow the voting instructions.

6. Click "Submit Vote."

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