2018 Updates to Coach-Level Memberships

Posted: December 6, 2017 12:26 PM

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Dec. 6, 2017) – Beginning with 2018 memberships, additional education and training is required for all coach-level members. In addition to passing a background check, a standard implemented with the launch of the Coaching Development Program in 2004, coaches must:

  • complete the concussion training course offered by the Center for Disease Control, 

  • watch the Safe Sport training video and pass the included quizzes,

  • watch four educational videos created by USA Ultimate and pass the associated test that covers content from the videos, as well as basic rules and the Spirit of Coaching. 

All educational materials are free* and accessible online through your member account in the "My Coach Account" section.

The new requirements are part of updates to the Coaching Development Program (CDP) originally announced in early February

Over the last two years, coaches around the nation, along with USA Ultimate staff members and three task forces – one each in Seattle, Minneapolis and Boston – have worked to identify criteria for the updated CDP and common themes that need to be addressed by coaches at all levels. 

The goals of the newly updated CDP are to:

  • provide coaches with a base level of material that enables them to coach according to professional, ethical and legal standards;

  • teach individuals material that relates to their coaching situation; 

  • create a program that is accessible, affordable and valuable; and

  • create a program that encompasses the values of the American Development Model (ADM). 

These updates to the CDP are all part of ongoing efforts to better serve the needs of the current ultimate community and protect the athletes in our community.

Revisions to the CDP’s certification levels are currently underway and will be piloted in early 2018, with full availability to follow later in the year. 

* All training is currently free. However, Safe Sport will begin charging a fee for their training in January 2018.

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