2017 World Games Tryout Invitees Announced

Posted: January 11, 2017 03:47 PM

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Jan. 11, 2017) – USA Ultimate, the national governing body for the sport of ultimate in the United States, is pleased to announce the athletes who have been selected to attend the tryout for the 2017 U.S. National Team that will compete at the World Games this summer. The tryout will be held March 11-12, in Dallas, Texas.

Members of the men's, mixed and women's 2016 U.S. National Teams that competed at the World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC) as well as members of the 2013 U.S. World Games team received automatic invites to this year's World Games tryout. The list below includes the WUGC and 2013 World Games athletes who accepted their invitations, as well as several additional applicants selected by the coaches. 

Alternates for the tryouts have also been named and may be invited if spots become available.

The 2017 U.S. National Team will consist of 20 athletes, which will be narrowed down to 14 – seven men and seven women – who will make the trip to Wroclaw, Poland in July. Alex Ghesquiere and Matty Tsang, the same coaches who led the U.S. team in 2013, will guide this year's squad in defense of the gold medal.

Held every four years and hosted by the International World Games Association, with support from the International Olympic Committee, the World Games is ultimate’s biggest stage. The U.S. has won gold at each of the last three World Games. Canada took gold in 2001, the first year in which flying disc was included in the competition program at the event; the U.S. earned silver.

The 2017 World Games will be held July 20-30 in Wroclaw, Poland, with the flying disc competition scheduled for July 21-23. 

Men's Tryouts
Name City, ST Most Recent Club Team
Ashlin Joye  Albany, CA  Revolver 
Beau Kittredge  San Francisco, CA  Revolver 
Brett Matzuka  Raleigh, NC  Machine 
Cassidy Rasmussen  San Francisco, CA  Revolver  
Chris Kocher  Brooklyn, NY  PoNY 
Chris Mazur  Dallas, TX  Metro North 
Dylan Freechild  Portland, OR  Rhino 
George Stubbs  San Rafael, CA  Revolver
Grant Lindsley  Oakland, CA  Revolver
Henry Konker  Denver, CO  Johnny Bravo 
Jack Hatchett  Arlington, MA  Ironside 
Jimmy Mickle  Golden, CO  Johnny Bravo  
Joel Schlachet  Berkeley, CA  Revolver
Johnny Bansfield  Ypsilanti, MI  High Five 
Jonathan Helton  Raleigh, NC  Machine 
Khalif El-salaam  Seattle, WA  Seattle Mixtape 
Kurt Gibson  Dallas, TX  Ironside 
Mac Taylor  Emeryville, CA  Blackbird 
Matthew Rehder  Seattle, WA  Sockeye 
Nathan White  Woodside, CA  Revolver 
Nick Lance  Fort Collins, CO  Johnny Bravo 
Nick Stuart  Minneapolis, MN  Sockeye
Nicky Spiva  Washington, DC  Truck Stop 
Noah Saul  Raleigh, NC  Ring of Fire 
Peter Prial  Washington, DC  Truck Stop 
Reid Koss  Seattle, WA   Sockeye 
Russell Wynne  Kensington, CA  Revolver 
Sam Kanner  Berkeley, CA  Revolver 
Simon Higgins  Alameda, CA  Revolver 
Tom Doi  Washington, DC   Truck Stop  
Trent Dillon  Pittsburgh, PA  Sockeye 
Tyler DeGirolamo  Pittsburgh, PA  Temper 

Men's Alternates

Name City, ST Most Recent Club Team
Ben Lohre  Golden, CO  Johnny Bravo 
Jonathan Nethercutt  Durham, NC  Ring of Fire 
Mischa Freystaetter  Plantation, FL  Orlando Friends 
Patrick Shriwise  Madison, WI  Madison Club 
Stanley Peterson  Boulder, CO  Johnny Bravo 


Women's Tryouts

Name City, ST Most Recent Club Team
Alex Snyder  San Francisco, CA  Fury 
Amber Sinicrope  Somerville, MA  Brute Squad 
Anna Nazarov  San Francisco, CA  Fury  
Becky Malinowski  Somerville, MA   Brute Squad 
Carolyn Finney  Goleta, CA  Fury  
Claire Chastain  Denver, CO  Molly Brown 
Claire Desmond  San Francisco, CA   Fury  
Cree Howard  Oakland, CA  Fury  
Erica Baken  Ames, IA  Drag'n Thrust 
Georgia Bosscher  Madison, WI  Heist 
Jaclyn Verzuh  Seattle, WA  Riot 
Jesse Shofner  Eugene, OR  Scandal 
Kaela Jorgenson  San Francisco, CA    Fury 
Kami Groom  Boston, MA  Brute Squad 
Kelly Johnson  Seattle, WA  Riot 
Lauren Sadler  Seattle, WA  Brute Squad 
Liên Hoffmann  Somerville, MA  Brute Squad 
Maggie Ruden  Berkeley, CA  Fury  
Marika Austin  San Francisco, CA  Fury  
Mira Walker  Atlanta, GA  Ozone 
Nancy Haskell  Beavercreek, OH  Steamboat 
Ness Fajardo  San Francisco, CA  Fury 
Octavia Payne  Washington, DC  Molly Brown 
Raha Mozaffari  Philadelphia, PA  AMP 
Rebecca Miller  Fort Collins, CO  Molly Brown 
Robyn Wiseman  Madison, WI  Heist 
Sandy Jorgensen  Washington, DC  Scandal 
Sarah Anciaux  St. Paul, MN  Drag'n Thrust 
Sarah Griffith  Seattle, WA  Riot 
Sarah Itoh  Springfield, VA  Scandal 
Sarah Levinn  Austin, TX  Showdown 
Sarah Meckstroth  Minneapolis, MN  Drag'n Thrust 

Women's Alternates

Name City, ST Most Recent Club Team
Alyssa Weatherford  Seattle, WA  Riot 
Jessi Jones  Cary, NC  Phoenix 
Liza Minor  Madison, WI  Heist 
Paige Soper  Seattle, WA  Riot 
Sophie Darch  Atlanta, GA  Ozone 


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