2017 World Championships of Beach Ultimate National Teams Announced

Posted: November 21, 2016 12:44 PM

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Nov. 21, 2016) – USA Ultimate, the national governing body for the sport of ultimate in the United States and proud member of the U.S. Olympic Committee, is pleased to announced the athletes selected to represent the United States at the 2017 World Championships of Beach Ultimate. More than 100 athletes across seven teams will travel to Royan, France, next June to compete against teams from all around the world. 

WCBU 2017 will serve as a qualifying event for the 2019 Association of National Olympic Committees’ (ANOC) World Beach Games, ultimate’s first true Olympic event. As such, USA Ultimate has decided to select coaches to accompany the men’s, mixed and women’s teams. The already-in-place team managers and USA Ultimate staff will be involved in the coach selection process. 

Coaches interested in working with either the men’s, mixed or women’s team should complete the online application by Wednesday, Nov. 30. 

At the 2015 World Championships of Beach Ultimate (WCBU), the United States earned six gold medals and one bronze medal: gold medals in the men’s, women’s, men’s masters, mixed masters, women’s masters and grand masters divisions, and bronze in the mixed division. 

The 2017 event will be held June 18-24 in Royan and will be jointly hosted by the World Flying Disc Federation and the Beach Ultimate Lovers Association, with Fédération Flying Disc France serving as the local organizing committee. More than 1,000 athletes, representing more than 30 countries, are expected to compete at next year’s event.

More than 600 athletes applied for consideration to represent the U.S. on one of the seven Beach National Teams. The team managers, announced this summer, worked with USA Ultimate staff to select the rosters.

2017 U.S. Beach National Teams

* indicates team manager


Name Most Recent Club Team
AJ Nelson Chicago Machine
* Brett Matzuka Chicago Machine
Cassidy Rasmussen San Francisco Revolver
Chris Kocher New York PoNY
Jonathan Helton Chicago Machine
Jack Hatchett Boston Ironside
Jack Marsh New York PoNY
Jared Inselmann Boston Ironside
Jay Clark Boston Ironside
Jimmy Mickle Denver Johnny Bravo
Jon Nethercutt Raleigh Ring of Fire
* Mario O'Brien Seattle Sockeye
Russell Wynne San Francisco Revolver
Tyler Chan Boston Ironside
Tyler DeGirolamo Pittsburgh Temper


Name Most Recent Club Team
Andrea Romano San Francisco Fury
Ben Lohre Denver Johnny Bravo
Briana Cahn San Francisco Nightlock
Eli Kerns San Francisco Revolver
Jack McShane Boulder Love Tractor
Kaela Jorgenson San Francisco Fury
Lisi Lohre Denver Molly Brown
Liza Minor Madison Heist
Mac Taylor San Francisco Blackbird
Marika Austin San Francisco Fury
Markham Shofner Washington, D.C. Truck Stop
Nathan White San Francisco Revolver
* Nicky Spiva Washington, D.C. Truck Stop
* Sally Mimms San Francisco Blackbird
Simon Higgins San Francisco Revolver



Name Most Recent Club Team
Allison Maddux Washington, D.C. Scandal
Amber Sinicrope Boston Brute Squad
Anna Nazarov San Francisco Fury
* Becky Malinowski Boston Brute Squad
Calise Cardenas  Seattle Riot
* Carolyn Finney San Francisco Fury
Claire Chastain Denver Molly Brown
Claudia Tajima Boston Brute Squad
Cree Howard San Francisco Fury
Crystal Davis Denver Molly Brown
Liên Hoffmann Boston Brute Squad
Maggie Ruden San Francisco Fury
Paige Soper Seattle Riot
Sarah Levinn Austin Showdown
Sarah Anciaux Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust


Men's Masters

Name Most Recent Club Team
Andrew Brown  Madison Club
Barrs Lang San Francisco Blackbird
Bart Watson Denver Johnny Bravo
Ben Dieter Raleigh Boneyard
Ben Van Heuvelen New York PoNY
Dan Gillick San Francisco Blackbird
Moses Rifkin Seattle Voltron 2020
Ray Illian Seattle Voltron 2020
Robbie Cahill San Francisco Revolver
Ryan Purcell Austin Doublewide
* Sandy Hartwiger Raleigh Boneyard
Skip Sewell  Austin Doublewide
Tom Doi Washington, D.C. Truck Stop
* Tyler Kinley Seattle Sockeye
Will Chen Seattle Sockeye


Mixed Masters

Name Most Recent Club Team
Asa Wilson Real Atlanta
Ashley Morgan Denver Molly Brown
Bridget Kane Atlanta Bucket
Chelsea Twohig Portland Schwa
Dominique Fontenette Seattle Riot
Joel Wooten Atlanta Chain Lightning
Keegan Uhl Los Angeles Point Break
* Kimberly Beach Washington, D.C. Scandal
Maureen McCamley Atlanta Bucket
Owen Westbrook Denver Johnny Bravo
Ryan Morgan Denver Johnny Bravo
Sean Murray Connecticut Metro North
* Trey Katzenbach  Philadelphia Patrol
Tyler Grant San Francisco Mischief
V.Y. Chow San Francisco Blackbird


Women's Masters

Name Most Recent Club Team
Angela Lin Atlanta Ozone
* Becky LeDonne Madison Heist
Brittany Winner Cincinnati Steamboat
Courtney Kiesow Boston Brute Squad
Emily Smith Bozeman Bozos
Gen Laroche San Francisco Fury
Gwen Ambler Seattle Riot
* Kate Kingery Seattle Riot
Kate Wilson Atlanta Ozone
Katherine Wooten Atlanta Ozone
Manisha Daryani San Francisco Fury
Melissa Gibbs Madison Heist
Robyn Wiseman Madison Heist
Sally Lambert Denver Molly Brown
Sarah Itoh Washington, D.C. Scandal


Grand Masters

Name Most Recent Club Team
Brandon Steets San Francisco Revueltos
Don Tom Minneapolis Surly GM
Gary LeDonne Chicago UPA
Greg Husak San Francisco Revueltos
Jeremy Clark Portland Afterburn
Jim Schoettler San Francisco Wheelchair
* John Sandahl Minneapolis Surly GM
Jon Remucal Minneapolis Surly GM
Kelly Swiryn Denver Johnny Encore
Keven Moldenhauer Washington, D.C Truck Stop
Michael Namkung Brattleboro No Country
Ricky Eikstadt Minneapolis Surly GM
* Sean McCall Houston No Tsu Oh
Steven Rouisse Denver Johnny Encore
Tim Murray Asheville Cahoots

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