2017 Observer of the Year Award Recipients Announced

Posted: March 8, 2018 02:16 PM

Colorado Springs, Colo. (March 8, 2018) – USA Ultimate is excited to announce the recipients of the 2017 Observer of the Year Awards. The observer awards program was created to help recognize the hard work and dedication of certified observers and their contribution to the sport of ultimate, particularly at the highest levels of competition. 

Observer of the Year – Jonathan Monforti

USA Ultimate is proud to announce Jonathan "Frito" Monforti as the 2017 Observer of the Year. Frito worked several national-level tournaments last year, including the College Championships, U.S. Open Club Championships and National Championships. At the College Championships, Frito worked the women's final, the first game broadcast live on ESPNU. He also observed the men's final during the 2017 National Championships. In his free time, Frito coaches a high school ultimate team and works on remodeling his Denver home.

Rookie Observer of the Year – Randall Bugg

USA Ultimate is proud to announce Randall Bugg as the 2017 Rookie Observer of the Year. Randall was first certified in 2015, but didn't get into full swing until last year. Randall worked both the 2017 College Championships and National Championships, as well as the regional championships, quickly showing a good field presence and effective communication with the players. Randall was first introduced to ultimate by his son at Auburn and plays in his local league. Randall draws from his other hobbies, officiating high school basketball and volleyball, when he is observing on the ultimate field.

The Observer Certification Program (OCP) took on its current structure in 2005, with the completion of a standardized training manual, outlining of the training clinic curriculum and development of criteria for certification. 

Each year, OCP clinics are held around the country to grow the ranks of certified observers in the ultimate community. For more information about the OCP and to find out how to get certified, visit usaultimate.org/ocp

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