2017 Masters Division Guidelines Released

Posted: February 21, 2017 04:02 PM

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Feb. 21, 2017) – The 2017 masters division guidelines, the rule set that will guide all masters-level competition throughout the 2017 season, were released today. 

As is standard after competition concludes each year, the masters division’s national directors, division representatives and USA Ultimate Manager of Competition and Athlete Programs – Club reflected on the season and discussed any issues that should be addressed in the following year’s guidelines. The biggest changes for the 2017 edition of the guidelines are outlined below. 

1. Addition of mixed masters, women’s grand masters, great grand masters divisions to Masters Championships.

Easily the biggest departure from past masters seasons, in addition to the traditional men’s masters, women’s masters and grand masters divisions, the 2017 Masters Championships will include the mixed masters, women’s grand masters and great grand masters divisions. The expansion of the Masters Championships is a part of efforts to create additional playing opportunities for masters-eligible athletes and to align with the World Flying Disc Federation’s masters-level competition divisions. 

2. Scaling mechanism introduced to determine division sizes at the Masters Championships.

With the addition of three new divisions at the Masters Championships, a scaling mechanism has been introduced to determine how many teams will compete in each division at the Masters Championships. This year, USA Ultimate will offer bids for up to 80 teams across the six competition divisions. Division sizes will be determined equitably, based on demand for participation in each division, according to team registration numbers for the masters championship series. 

3. 2017 Masters Championships will serve as the qualifier for the 2018 Masters World Ultimate Club Championships.

2017 is a qualifying year for the World Flying Disc Federation’s Masters World Ultimate Club Championships (MWUCC), set to be held July 29 – August 4, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. USA Ultimate will use the 2017 Masters Championships to determine which teams will represent the United States at MWUCC next year in the men’s masters, women’s masters, and men's grand masters divisions, as well as the new mixed masters division. At this time, the World Flying Disc Federation does not have plans to include women’s grand masters or great grand masters at the MWUCC.

4. Season shifts two weeks earlier. 

As was announced in early December, the 2017 Masters Championships will be held July 21-23, in Aurora, Colo. The event returns to late July after being held the first weekend in August in 2016. Corresponding with the shift of the Masters Championships, the two weekends designated for regional championship events – June 10-11 and June 24-25 – are two weeks earlier than in 2016. 

Additional detail regarding each of these changes is included in the masters guidelines.

Questions regarding the masters division can be directed to Manager of Competition and Athlete Programs – Club Ernest Toney

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