2017 College Women’s Startup Project Grantees Announced

Posted: March 1, 2017 11:49 AM

Colorado Springs, Colo. (March 1, 2017) – USA Ultimate, the national governing body for the sport of ultimate in the United States, is excited to announce the recipients of the first College Women’s Startup Project grants.

Nine college women’s teams will be a part of the program’s inaugural year:

  • Allegheny Hellbenderitas

  • Christopher Newport Rosemary

  • Drexel Spitfire

  • East Carolina Black Pearl

  • Pittsburgh High Voltage

  • Providence Women’s Ultimate

  • Saint Joseph’s University Dirty Doves

  • St. Thomas Rainy Day Women

  • Wheaton (IL) Mastodonnas

The College Women’s Startup Project was created to help foster the growth of college women’s ultimate by incentivizing the creation of teams and facilitating the development of new women’s programs. Housed under the Season Training and Recruitment (STAR) Program, the initiative provides some of the resources needed most by developing college teams. Benefits include:
  • Free USA Ultimate college memberships over the course of three years.

  • A free team startup kit.

  • Help finding a local coach and a free coach membership.

  • Access to a women’s team alumni support network – people who have started or helped develop college women’s teams and can offer practical advice and support.

As many as 10 teams will be included in the College Women’s Startup Project in each new year. Brand new women’s college programs or teams that have not participated in the college series in the past two years are eligible to apply. 

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