2016 Youth Club Championships - Day 2 Girls' Recap

Posted: August 13, 2016 11:53 PM
2016 Youth Club Championships - Day Two Recap
U-19 Girls' Recap (full results)
By: Willem Gokemeijer
Day two (Saturday) at YCC was almost perfect weather. It was the kind of temperature that would have been hot, but was nice because of a constant, light breeze. It was the final day of pool play for the U-19 girls’ division and mainly confirmed the results of yesterday, but it was well-played ultimate nonetheless.
One of the earlier matches was between Cincinnati Belle (fourth seed) and Neuqua Valley Daydream (fifth seed). Cincinnati came in hot, having won three games yesterday, never giving up more than four scores. Daydream, on the other hand, had lost their first three games and were struggling, despite their high seed. At the start of the game, Daydream seemed determined to get their first win. They scored the first two points of the game, to the great excitement of their sideline. However, Belle was able to slow the game down and scored the next five. From that point on, it was back and forth, with Belle slowing pulling ahead by being patient and using their height advantage. They then put the pedal down and won the final five points to finish it out 13-5. Ellie Fishlock stood out, scoring twice, as well as Abby Swenson who played great defense and scored twice as well. 
Later, Texas Tango (sixth seed) and Minneapolis Superior (ninth seed) faced off. They were both 1-2 and looking for more. Texas pulled ahead to a 3-1 lead and was nearing another score when Sophie Fitzsimmons got a great layout D. A few throws later, she got the assist to Phoebe Eisenbies – both players stood out for Minnesota. However, it was not enough as Texas Tango was able to rack up points by making fewer mistakes than Superior, getting to an 8-2 lead at the half. They were able to hold the lead throughout the match, but Minnesota had a couple of points where they seemed unstoppable, throwing short passes up-field from one side of the field to another and scoring in seconds. They just didn’t happen enough. Tango’s 14-6 win was led by Summer Wilson and a great connection between Caroline O’Connell and Macy Lang (five assists and three scores, respectively).
In other games around the tournament, Boston BUDA (second seed) continued their unbeaten streak with a 13-1 win over Delaware Valley DEVYL (seventh seed). Belle also remained unbeaten by beating Colorado Cutthroat (13-6), once again starting close before breaking through and winning big. 
One of the final games, and one of the most anticipated, was Seattle Nimbus (one seed) v. the Triangle Area Warhawks (third seed). Seattle had been storming through the competition, but so had the Warhawks. Since both were coming in 4-0, it seemed like it should be a close match up. The Warhawks were also viewed as one of the few teams with a chance to stop Seattle’s charge to another title. It didn’t go that way. Seattle dominated, surviving a couple long points, playing excellent defense and committing very few turnovers. There was a scary moment when Theresa Bui was hit in the face with a backhand follow through, but thankfully, after icing it, she seemed okay. There were dominant performances from Bailey Shigley, Abby Hecko, Grace Feehan and Claire Trop that boosted the team to a 15-2 win. Texas Tango also managed to get their third win by beating Maine Rip Tide 11-7, essentially securing their win with a six-score streak at the end of the first half. 
Looking ahead, the championship bracket is set, with Nimbus playing Belle, and the Warhawks playing BUDA in the semifinals. Those looking for fifth place are Texas Tango, DEVYL, Minnesota Superior and Pittsburgh Moxie. The teams going for ninth place are Colorado Cutthroat, D.C. Justice, cATLanta, Maine Rip Tide and, surprisingly, Neuqua Valley Daydream. It should be a very exciting conclusion to the Youth Club Championships.

U-16 Girls' Recap (full results)
By: Shawn Grund
Day two of pool play for the U-16 girls continued with Seattle Hydra’s dominance and the heated race for second by nearly every other team.
True to their form, Hydra had no problem taking their time against Bay Area Belly of the Beast, setting their trademark zone and waiting for Beast to make a mistake. On offense, Hydra shows just how fast they really can be, sprinting to an early 7-1 lead. The second half was more of the same, with Beast outmatched and outrun as Hydra's Gabriella Payoyo and Angelina Jeantette-Coca worked the end zone for a decisive 13-2 victory.
Second seed, Cincinnati Belle, met their match in North Carolina’s Kitty Hawks, struggling for most of the game to connect their handlers. The Kitty Hawks matched Belle's zone point for point and went up two breaks. Belle, however, would have none of that and capitalized on their solid cutter line, forcing double-game point in hard cap. With the game on the line, both teams traded big defensive plays before Belle's Ella Enders connected deep with her sister Therese Enders and Amy Friemoth in a double catch to secure the win 9-8.
After a double upset yesterday, Maine’s Rip Tide made short work of the free agent team, Artemis. Rip Tide came out strong for a 7-1 lead with Artemis slow to start and lacking Rip Tide's handler chemistry. Artemis' cutters made a big showing in the second half, putting up four quick points, but Rip Tide’s defense adapted quickly and continued to dominate, leading to another clear Rip Tide win.
In round two, Hydra continued rolling the pool with a clear victory over the Kitty Hawks, completely shutting them down in the second half with the impeccable consistency of their zone. Belle also came out strong against Minnesota Superior in a much-needed 10-3 win. Artemis attempted to hold off Belly of the Beast but had trouble finding their rhythm and team chemistry, leading to a dominant Belly of the Beast win, 13-4.
While Hydra continued their sweep with a shutout over Superior and Belle remained consistent with a 10-3 victory over Artemis, the must-watch game of the round was Rip Tide attempting yet another upset against Belly of the Beast. After an early Beast break, Rip Tide fought back using the amazing chemistry of handler Kennedy McCarthy and cutter Anna Briley to take a commanding 11-6 lead. Belly of the Beast, however, refused to be another notch on Tide’s upset belt, scoring five unanswered points to force double-game point in hard cap. While Rip Tide had the advantage, the wind and Beast’s well-tuned zone defense forced an earlier turnover and a quick point resulting in a Belly of the Beast win 12-11 against a hurting Rip Tide.
Going into the last round of pool play, Belle, Rip Tide and Belly of the Beast were all fighting for the second spot in the pool. Belle need to be the first to upset powerhouse Hydra or risk dropping to third, but once again Hydra would let no team stand in its way and all but ruled out holding seed for Belle with another crushing 13-2 win.
Rip Tide made short work of Superior in the first half of their final game, but underestimated Superior’s determination to not be shut out totally in pool play. With only nine active players, Superior picked up the pace, hoping to out-run Rip Tide in each match up. Minnesota handler Doua Ci Lor worked her mark to repeatedly find open hands in Georgia Langer and Channa Overland, but in the end, their limited line could not withstand the depth of Rip Tide. As Superior’s legs grew more and more tired, they found themselves unable to break through Rip Tide’s tight cup, and their up-field zone took care of the rest. Rip Tide’s Sophie Marcotte made a name for herself in the second half, scoring or assisting on a total of five of Tide’s 13 points. Rip Tide rode to yet another victory 13-6.
Belly of the Beast looked to put the Kitty Hawks away quickly for a chance at a three-way tie for second place, but was rebuffed by the Kitty Hawks’ impressive zone, something they had struggled with in earlier games. The Hawks must have learned a thing or two from Hydra’s zone. As the Beast handlers would swing back and forth, waiting for an opening, the Kitty Hawks’ cup would bide their time while their zone shut down the cutters. On the rare occasion that Belly of the Beast made it into the red zone, the Kitty Hawks’ defense would quickly transition to man and ruthlessly dominate their match ups. For their hard-to-beat defense, though, the Kitty Hawks had a hard time converting upwind, and the game went nearly point for point to 8-7 with the Kitty Hawks up by one. With hard cap looming, Belly of the Beast continuously sent it deep as soon as they forced a turnover, resulting in a hurried exchange as both teams attempted to take and maintain the advantage going into cap. The Kitty Hawks found themselves taking a timeout going upwind with only 30 yards between them and the end zone, a situation they had not excelled at in this game. Having calmed down, the Kitty Hawks checked in the disc and put away the goal to make the score 9-7 only moments before the hard cap went on, sealing their inevitable upset and keeping Belly of the Beast out of contention for second and themselves in the championship bracket.
Looking Ahead
Hydra held the top seed with an impressive 6-0 run, amassing a staggering (and perfect) 78 points in pool play, while only allowing seven goals. This should come as no surprise for the returning champs, a team whose entire roster either threw or caught a score in their first six games. Players to watch tomorrow as they defend their title include Grace Patterson and Hazel Ostrowski, both of whom posted double-digit points for Hydra already this year.
While Belle and Rip Tide both finished 4-2, Rip Tide did beat Belle on Friday and so gets the second seed, although they will play each other in the semifinals tomorrow to determine who gets to try to take down Hydra. Hydra will have to first go through the Kitty Hawks, although they demonstrated their dominance with a win over the North Carolinians this afternoon 13-2. 
Minnesota Superior, Artemis and Belly of the Beast will start Sunday off at 8:30 a.m. with a round robin to decide fifth, sixth and seventh place, having all been knocked out of the championship bracket today.
Semifinals start at 10:30 a.m. with Hydra v. Kitty Hawks and Belle v. Rip Tide. The U-16 girls’ championship game starts at 2:30 p.m.

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